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Dutch cheese fondue in a 750g can

Dutch cheese fondue in a 750g can

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Dutch cheese fondue
Cheese fondue with canned cheese fondue
Fire LAB. canned cheese fondue
Delicious cheese fondue on the BBQ

Dutch cheese fondue in a 750g can

Brand: Canned cheese fondue

Cheese fondue lovers take note!

This super tasty artisan-made ready-to-eat Dutch cheese fondue made from farmhouse cheeses, must be tasted!

Here, we only add some wine and potato starch.

The Dutch cheese fondue is free of flavour enhancers and preservatives.

The contents are suitable for about four people. read more

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Product information

Organise a cheese fondue party with Dutch canned cheese fondue!

Invite some girlfriends and/or friends over and organise a cheese fondue party.

It is great to use the cheese fondue during barbecue as an easy side dish or as a dip for vegetables and appetisers!

Preparation Canned cheese fondue on the BBQ

Remove the label and place the tin open to the side the grill of the barbecue. Make sure the tin is not directly over the fire.
After 15 minutes, gently stir the tin for another five minutes.
Eat deliciously from a can or tip the contents into a clean pan or bowl.

You can heat our cheese fondue au bain-marie, as well as in a traditional fondue pan or a saucepan.

This is how to prepare our cheese fondue au bain-marie

Remove the label and put the tin unopened in a pan of hot water. The water comes to three centimetres below the rim of the can.
Bring the water to the boil. Carefully open the can after 15 minutes. Keep stirring gently and cook the fondue for another 15 minutes.
Eat deliciously from a can or tip the contents into a clean pan or bowl.

Cheese fondue can be enjoyed all year round!

Cheese fondue can also be enjoyed in summer.

Canned cheese fondue is not only a tasty dip on the drinks board, but is also delicious with a summer barbecue. Surprise your guests with this delicious (vegetarian) addition to the barbecue.

Also try the other flavours of cheese fondue such as the Truffle cheese fondue Whether the French Blue vein cheese fondue.

Canned cheese fondue on the BBQ | Outdoor cooking stove

The outdoor cooking set with grill is ideal for heating the can.
Open the can of cheese fondue and place it on the grill rack, stirring regularly with a long wooden spoon or spatula. You can also put the cheese fondue in a separate fireproof dish and then put it on the griddle heating.

Is Canned Cheese Fondue vegetarian?

Yes, our Dutch cheese fondue contains only cheese and wine.
The Truffle cheese fondue also contains truffle, so it is also vegetarian.
The blue vein cheese fondue has a blue vein cheese as the only addition, which is also vegetarian.
Our cheese is made from vegetarian rennet.

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