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Organic lavender syrup

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Organic lavender syrup Agroposta
Agroposta syrup Lavender and raspberry
Lavender syrup
Delicious Lavender Lemonade from Agroposto
Agroposta Lavender syrup
Agroposta Lavender syrup

Organic lavender syrup


You often find lavender in the garden because it has a beautiful purple colour and because the plants smell nice. Did you know you can also make syrup from it?

Lavender adds a smooth and light-floral flavour to lemonades and cocktails. This surprising ingredient works very well in lemonade.

Organic Lavandula Angustifolia plant is used for this Agropošta lavender syrup. This type of lavender grows in the always mild climate of Croatia, where the most beautiful lavender plants are hand-picked and picked. Because the lavender is picked at exactly the right time, when the plants are just in bloom, Agroposto Lavender syrup acquires a deliciously floral and refreshing flavour. read more

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Product information

Try this delicious organic lavender syrup from Agropošta

The organic Lavandula Angustifolia plant grows at small farms in cool climates.
The flavour of the lavender flower is soft and mild, ideal for making a refreshing drink.

Ingredients Agropošta Lavender Syrup

Water, sugar, food acid (citric acid), lavender flowers, pasteurised.
Agropošta contains NO flavourings or extracts, preservatives or other artificial additives and is very low in sugar and gluten-free.

Food will not be taken back.

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500 ml


Water, sugar, food acid (citric acid), lavender flowers, pasteurised.