Tripod set 120 cm with 10 litre witch-kettle and fire bowl order from The VUUR LAB.®
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Tripod set 120 cm with 10-litre witch-kettle and fire bowl

Tripod set 120 cm with 10-litre witch-kettle and fire bowl

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Tripod set with witch kettle and fire bowl
Cooking outdoors on a crackling fire
Offline by the campfire witch kettle tripod
Tripod set
Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee by the campfire from our enamel mushroom mug
Order your tripod set with fire bowl and enjoy real outdoor cooking!
Tripod set with kettle fire bowl fire lab
Cooking outdoors on a crackling wood fire
Fire connects!
Experience the ultimate holiday feeling
Long wooden spoon
Trp Post Container Data Trp Post Id 7648 Tripod Set 120 cm With 10 Litre Witch Kettle And Firebowl Trp Post Container

Tripod set 120 cm with 10-litre witch-kettle and fire bowl

Brand: VUUR LAB.®

Discover real authentic outdoor cooking with this tripod set with fire bowl!

Prepare the tastiest dishes in the witches' kettle on the chain over the fire in the firebowl.

Boiler cooking is wildly popular
You can enjoy relaxing outdoor cooking and chilling around the fire. Invite a few cosy people over and enjoy! read more

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Product information

This beautiful tripod set comes complete with:

Tripod with a length of 120 cm
10 litres heksenketel
A beautiful fire bowl
Long wooden spoon

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As the tough blankets, light chains of Linky light and a nice axe To chop the wood!




1.20 m


Enamelled steel



Fire bowl

Ø 58 cm