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Betis cooking olive oil 946 ml

Betis cooking olive oil 946 ml

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Olive oil for frying
Use betis cooking olive oil during outdoor cooking on the ofyr
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Betis olive oil yellow | cooking olive oil 946ml
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Betis cooking olive oil 946 ml

Brand: Betis

Looking for a good olive oil for frying?
Then this Betis cooking olive oil is the perfect choice.

This olive oil is perfect for daily use in the pan. A healthy alternative to butter and a fine seasoning at the same time.

The olives are picked by machine and pressed through a continuous system. Afterwards, the oil that is released is completely filtered. This ensures that the Betis does not splutter or reek, as there are no more bits in it that could burn.

Also check out these beautiful oil can to pour this cooking olive oil into.

Yes, it really can! For example, when you deep-fry potatoes, you do so at a temperature of 180 degrees. This olive oil has a smoke point of 210 degrees, making it fine to use in the deep fryer.
We have tested it often enough, and can tell you that in Betis fried chips are incredibly tasty. read more

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Product information

Betis cooking olive oil for frying without splatters!

With Betis' cooking oil, you can prepare the tastiest dishes on the griddle or in the wok of the outdoor stove.

Betis cooking olive oil is our best-selling olive oil

80% Picual and 20% Hojiblanca olives
Does not reek and splash
Filtered olive oil
For baking
Minimum shelf life of one year
Store in a dark and cool place
Volume: 946 ml

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