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Instructions for use BBQ Smoking Board Cedar

Instructions for use BBQ Smoking Board Cedar

Discover the divine taste of cedar wood!

Make your taste buds dance.
Prepare your barbecue dishes on a western red cedar more often from now on smoking board.

How to use a cedar smoking board?

Cedar smoking boards are used for barbecue dishes that have a relatively short cooking time.

Before placing the dish to be prepared on the smoking board, pre grill the side on which you are going to prepare the dish (preparation side) briefly on the barbecue, this is the side with the VUUR LAB. logo (Circa 30 seconds).

Place your fish, meat or vegetables on the smoking board and place it on the BBQ or plancha. The powerful, sweet aromas of the smoking board create a deliciously refined flavour. Create your own top dish in no time!

The most famous dish prepared on a smoking board is the salmon steak!
Low-temperature cooking on a cedar smoking board gives a particularly delicate flavour to the salmon.
Try it yourself, it is very easy. Serve the salmon straight from the plank to your guests.
From now on, you will smoke the tastiest fresh salmon yourself and never want anything else....

You can incorporate the leftover salmon (if you can) into a salad. Or eat it on the go the next day.


The smoking board is reusable

We are regularly asked if the smoking board can be used multiple times?
Yes, the smoking boards can be used several times, just clean them with hot water and a hard brush after use.

What can you prepare on a smoking board?

You can use the smoking board to cook cheese, vegetables, fish or meat on.
Such as: Salmon, scallops, asparagus with Parma ham or try a nice cheese like camembert, for example. We love to try and experiment with all kinds of things. Asparagus & scallops are our favourite!

Note: In high heat, the smoking boards catch fire, so always keep a plant spray handy to extinguish any flames!

Placing the lid on the barbecue will also extinguish the flames in most cases. Only for use on the BBQ not suitable for direct contact with fire.

Asparagus is delicious on the smoking board

Tapas smoking board for small BBQ dishes

Especially for smaller dishes, we have the Tapas smoking board designed. Ideally suited for tasty one-happers served from the smoking board. We sell them individually or by combi deal with various sizes of smoking boards.

Vary with tasty pieces of fish. We love sole rolls with salmon, nice and old-fashioned!

Complete your outdoor cooking experience