Buiten kookkachels en BBQ's bestellen bij Het Vuur LAB.
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Outdoor cooking stoves

Get your all-in-one barbecue too

Get your all-in-one barbecue at home too! In a world where we often rush, barbecuing and outdoor cooking is a moment of peace in all the hectic times. No fast food, but outdoor cooking together with the whole family, relatives or friends, with everyone playing his or her own role: from "wood grubbers", to "stirrers", "cutters", "pyromaniacs" and "cooks"... everyone plays his or her part.

Whether preparing your meat, fish, veggies, or your favourite soups, curries and sauces: it's all possible!

You can also put a smoking board of, for example, western red cedar wood or cherry wood. On the smoking board, you can prepare your favourite dish and ensure that the flavours of your smoking board merge with your dish for the ultimate taste experience!

Have you finished eating?

Then afterwards, you can sit around the outdoor cooking stove and reminisce about the glowing residual heat, occasionally putting a log on it for the real campfire feeling. Pour some more goodies and enjoy!

See, that's what we mean by the ultimate barbecue! That's what you do together with the outdoor cooking stoves of the VUUR LAB.®

The BBQ outdoor cooking stoves of the VUUR LAB, can run on firewood, briquettes, coconut briquettes, as being fired on charcoal.

The BBQ outdoor cooking stoves are made of sheet steel and coated in black for a robust look.          

TIP: Make your garden extra cosy with strings of lights, cute cool blankets and warm sheepskins.