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What are the advantages and disadvantages of cast iron?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cast iron?

Een gietijzeren pan gaat bij goed onderhoud een leven lang mee.

grill pan square asparagus with ham

Het voordeel van gietijzer is dat het een puur product is zonder chemische lagen. Gietijzer heeft dus geen slechte anti-aanbaklaag!
Gietijzer heeft nauwelijks onderhoud nodig.

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Advantages of cast iron

Like any material, cast iron has advantages and disadvantages. Although they require more maintenance than a normal non-stick pan, they have unique advantages that make them so popular.

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For example, you can choose from a cast-iron grill pan, sizzler pan, grizzler pan, skillet pan of een wafelijzer van gietijzer!

Cast iron remains at temperature for a long time
It does take a while for a cast-iron pan to heat up, but when it is hot, it stays that way for quite some time.

A casserole is therefore preferably made of cast iron. You can stew/roast dishes nicely at a low temperature.

A frying pan made of cast iron is basically indestructible and can last a lifetime. However, you should of course be careful with temperature shocks and not drop the pan on the ground, as a cast iron pan is porous

campfire pizza toasting

Disadvantages of cast iron

Cast-iron pans are heavier than an ordinary frying pan. They are therefore less suitable for shaking the pan. Throwing a pancake does require some strength and definitely good to do it with two hands on the handle, for example!

A cast iron pan must absolutely not be dropped, as it may break.

You also have to watch out for big temperature differences. Unfortunately, you cannot go from very hot to very cold with the pan in one go; this will crack the cast iron!

Cast iron maintenance

A cast iron pan does require more maintenance than a 'regular' frying pan!
Your cast iron pan should never be completely dry; you can prevent this by rubbing a little oil into the pan after washing.
As there is no chemical non-stick coating on the pan, you need a bit more oil when frying.
Protein-rich dishes stick a bit more in a cast-iron pan. So always fry high-protein meals with a little more oil than you are used to .

Over time, the cast iron pan een natuurlijke antiaanbaklaag!

How should you roast cast iron?

The easiest way to fire up your cast-iron pan:

Maak de gietijzeren pan goed schoon met water en afwasmiddel
Droog de gietijzeren pan dan grondig
Druppel in de pan een eetlepel lijnzaadolie / olie. Smeer de olie goed uit over de hele pan zowel de binnenkant als de buitenkant. Zorg er wel voor dat je de olie gelijkmatig verdeeld zodat je nergens druppelvorming krijgt. Het eindresultaat is een dun laagje olie over de hele gietijzeren pan
Veeg de gietijzeren pan nog even extra na met keukenpapier zodat er nergens extra olie op de pan zit/ook in de 'poriën'
Doe de oven aan en zet de temperatuur rond de 200 graden
Cover your oven tray in advance with aluminium foil and place the cast-iron pan upside down on the oven tray. The aluminium foil will ensure that leftover oil is caught.
Je kunt de gietijzeren pan ongeveer een uurtje in de oven latenLaat de gietijzeren pan daarna goed afkoelen. Daarna is je gietijzeren pan klaar voor gebruik!

How do you clean your cast iron pan?

A cast-iron pan is best simply cleaned with a little water and a soft sponge. If the pan is very dirty, you can use a little soap, but make sure you rinse it well. Do not (preferably) use a hard sponge or harsh soap. This can damage the natural non-stick coating.

Another possibility is by heating the cast iron pan briskly

Once this heat in the cast iron pan exceeds 115 degrees, the bacteria will be killed and the pan will be sterile.

Due to the high temperature, any food residue will loosen from the pan and all you have to do is wipe it with a cloth.

One last tip:

You can also put a little coarse sea salt in the cast iron pan and then heat. NOTE: Use large grains of sea salt.
As soon as the cast-iron pan starts to smoke, you can use a cloth or kitchen paper to scrub the pan clean with the salt! You will see that the salt discolours. After scrubbing, discard the salt and wash the pan with water. Then put a drop of oil (preferably peanut oil, not olive oil!) and wipe it all over the cast iron pan with a kitchen paper.

Using cast iron in the pizza oven

A cast iron pan is very good to use in an ordinary oven but also in a real pizza oven. Check out the collection of pizza ovens and matching cast iron pans.