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Gifts for the Kamado

Gifts for the Kamado

Take your outdoor cooking skills to the next level with these fun Kamado accessories

The big green egg Large

Prepare a nice piece of fresh salmon on a smoking board and season the fish with the Organic barbecue mix 'fish & chicks' by Sonnentor. You can also prepare your barbecue dish in a tough and sturdy campfire pan made of cast iron. You can choose from various models. The Skillet pan is always super handy for 'there!

Kamado Grillmasters beware!

Shop the tastiest sauces, spices and the very best soy sauce online with ease.

Taste the tastiest soy sauce ever!

24-month ripened soy sauce from Rotterdam with sweet & Spicy touch! Nice to give and/or receive as a present

Original and tasty BBQ gifts and packages for the Kamado and BBQ fan

From functional pliers and brushes to gadgets in the form of a cast-iron campfire pan or a cool enamel mug, you'll find it all in our online shop!

Would you rather visit us to put together a gift pack for your employee(s)?
Then make an appointment at the Experience Centre at info@vuurlab.nl or call 085-0608418.

Canned cheese fondue on the Kamado

Canned cheese fondue is super tasty and incredibly easy to prepare on the Kamado BBQ. You can choose from three variations:

Italian Truffle Cheese Fondue
Dutch cheese fondue
French Blue vein cheese fondue
Cheese fondue on the Kamado BBQ
Bread focaccia pineapple

Bake your own Focaccia with the Kamado

With the Kamado barbecue, you can go either way. Bake a tasty pizza or freshly made focaccia bread, for example.

Season your Veggies with a nice Dry Rub and bake them in the skillet on the Kamado

Cut or slice several kinds of vegetables and put them in a bowl. Add a generous splash of cooking olive oil on top and sprinkle with a dry rub of your choice. Then put everything in the skillet and cook your veggies until tender on the Kamado.

Rivsalt smoking board VUUR LAB.