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What are your favourite cheese fondue dippers?

What are your favourite cheese fondue dippers?

Dipping tips for a delicious cheese fondue evening

An evening of enjoying various flavours of cheese fondue and dippers

What are your favourite cheese fondue dippers?
Let us know!
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Put cheese fondue on the BBQ menu too!

Cheese fonduing gets even tastier with our dip tips!

First, you can choose different types of cheese fondue.
If you want to enjoy an evening of diverse flavours choose the tasting with three types of cheese fondue.
Contained herein:

400 grams with French blue-veined cheese fondue
400 grams of Dutch cheese fondue
400 grams Truffle cheese fondue

Which dips go well with French Blue vein cheese fondue?

French Blue vein cheese fondue is creamy and deliciously tangy in flavour!
You can combine an awful lot with this.

Pumpkin dip
Not only is it very tasty to put pumpkin pieces in the French blue vein cheese fondue to dip, it is also great fun to put the cheese fondue itself in the pumpkin! Cut off the top of the pumpkin, hollow out the pumpkin, and fill the hollowed-out pumpkin with the cheese fondue.

Pear dip
Fruit and cheese, of course, is and always will be a delicious combination. A cheese board often features pear. Combined with blue-veined cheese, it is absolutely delicious. So dip a pear in your blue-vein cheese fondue.


Grapes are simple, you don't even need to prepare or cut them and it still has a classy look when you put a bunch of grapes with your dip options.

Smoked ham rolls

Have you ever made a sandwich with blue cheese & ham? Then you'll know what a delicious combination this is.
Smoked ham is also firm enough to poke on a stick and dip nicely.

Chicory spatula

Chicory you may already know from the ham & cheese casserole, but this way you can also dip chicory deliciously in blue-vein cheese fondue.

Mushrooms or mushrooms

The texture of mushrooms and toadstools go perfectly with melted and creamy blue-vein cheese!


A fig dipped in blue vein cheese fondue is really mega delicious!


Dates are deliciously sweet and the combination the blue-veined cheese is really worth using as a dip.

Which dips go well with the canned Dutch Cheese Fondue?

Most people fondue cheese with French bread and, for example, a radish, carrots and cucumber.
Nothing wrong with that, but you really can make cheese fondue much more fun and delicious.

There is nothing like inviting your friends and family over for an evening or afternoon enjoying Cheese Fondue.

Want to really impress this time with original dips?
Then try something different and opt for fish dips!

We have listed the tastiest fish dip tips for you:

Delicious with garlic-marinated prawns!
Zeeland musselsWhitefish combines deliciously with the flavour of cheese fondue
Dutch shrimps are of course not to be missed in combination with the Dutch cheese fondue
Fish dips cheese fondue

Which bread dips can you choose?

We have listed the tastiest bread dip tips for you:

Farmer's country bread: a beautiful rustic bread
Nut bread: wholemeal bread with a mix of various nuts (macadamia, pistachio and pecan)  
Homemade onion bread, the onions give a delicious extra bite to the cheese fondue
Focaccia also highly recommended
Turkish bread is, of course, also great to use with cheese fondue

Also try a Beer cheese fondue with beer and mustard

With this beer cheese fondue recipe, you can make a delicious version in no time!
Use our Dutch cheese fondue as a base and add beer and possibly mustard to make something really special for once!

What do you need?

Dutch canned cheese fondue
100 ml canned pilsener
Coarse Dijon mustard, add to taste
Cheese fondue pan to stir everything in
Wooden spatula


Heat the Dutch cheese fondue as stated on the packaging
Pour the fondue into a small saucepan or cheese fondue pan and add the beer while stirring
Add coarse Dijon mustard until fully seasoned
Present the delicious cheese fondue on the table and enjoy your dips

Good dip tips to go with this beer cheese fondue recipe are:


Roasted Brussels sprouts
Boiled baby potatoes
Fried sausages
Soft pretzels
Pieces of apple :-)

Serve a nice beer with it

Make the tastiest herb butter yourself

Fresh herb butter VUUR LAB.

With the cheese fondue, it is always nice to also serve some extra spreads such as a homemade herb butter!
We have a very fine one in the range from The Man With the pan.

Aioli and Gin Mayo spreads

Besides herb butter, it is also nice to serve aioli and another spread on the table with it.
The Habanero mango aioli is nice and spicy to go with it!

We also recently launched GinMayo and GinChup
These two cocktail sauces go with everything so order these with your canned cheese fondue too.
Now taste them both in the duo pack GinMayo & GinChup.