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Fire adventures during the Christmas holidays

Fire adventures during the Christmas holidays

Make it a Christmas holiday not to be soon forgotten!

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Do outdoor activities that make you feel hot

It's winter and that means cold!
But fortunately, you won't have to chill this winter during your outdoor activities.
After all, there are plenty of activities you can do AND keep you warm!
Whether you love cooking, hiking, campfires in the outdoor stove or cozy baking together: at VUUR LAB. we have everything for you!

Cooking together on the outdoor stove

What could be more fun than cooking together?
Think of a tasty and easy dish and prepare it on the outdoor cooking stove.
You can read more about our cooking stove in this blog!

You can choose from a 31, 36, 39 and even a 53 diameter outdoor cooking stove!
There are many different accessories you can choose from, for example:
a baking tray, grill grid, wok pan, paella pan and heksenketel.
For example, how does tomato soup with homemade focaccia bread?
Or delicious sweet potatoes with vegetarian delights and Brussels sprouts?
All super easy to prepare on our favourite cooking stoves!

For the real fanatic, oliebollen or appelbeignets are a fun challenge, then you'll have some treats for New Year's....
You can cosy up together around the stove with, say, some sheepskins.
Get the kids to bake some here and there and you are guaranteed a cosy winter afternoon!

Campfire stories

Not only can you cook on our cooking stoves, you can also light a good fire in them!
Light a cosy fire and gather everyone together.
Take a look at our wheelbench or fieldchairs:
perfect to set the mood.

What is your children's favourite story?
Read these aloud by a crackling fire. Rest assured that they will be sound asleep afterwards.... You can, of course, also make a game play, roast marshmallows on a long skewer or make up your own story.

Fire adventures during the Christmas holidays, make it a party!

Cheese fonduing in the Christmas holidays

Who doesn't love cheese fondue! We have two different flavours of organic cheese fondue from Mèkkerstee. Will you go for the cow cheese Whether the goat cheese fondue?
If you can't choose, you can also go for the cheese fondue duo go. That way, you can taste both flavours, with a little discount.

Gather your loved ones and make sure you have some bread, vegetables and fruit.
Light the candles and let the cheese fondue party begin....


The most important thing during the Christmas holidays is to enjoy yourself together.
Hopefully you can use these tips to create an unforgettable holiday!
We wish you a beautiful and loving 2024 in advance. Cheers!