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Tips for the tastiest BBQ Tapas and appetisers

Tips for the tastiest BBQ Tapas and appetisers

Tasty and small dishes to accompany drinks!

BBQ Tapas tips to accompany drinks

Vegetarian, fish or prefer meat? With the Tapas smoking boards, you can prepare various dishes. Switch on the BBQ and prepare small snacks on the Tapas smoking board. Make a tasty herb butter and serve the prepared dish directly from the smoking board, success guaranteed!

We have listed a few simple but incredibly delicious appetisers for you that always go down well with our guests, read on soon....

Smoke a camembert yourself on the smoking board

This is really super simple and incredibly delicious (provided you like cheese and camembert, of course!).

What do you need?

1 camembert
1 smoking board Regular From Cedar
1 sprig of fresh herbs
1 red onion

How do you make it?
Turn on the BBQ or outdoor cooking stove.
Wait until you have a nice smouldering fire with coals and keep the flames low.
This takes about half an hour.

Remove the camembert from the packaging.
Grill the smoking board on the grill at the front for a while, and place the camembert on top.
Place the smoking board with camembert on the grill and close the lid of your BBQ.
Wait plus minus 10 minutes and slice the camembert, slice the red onion and put the onion between the points, put the whole thing on the barbecue for another 10 minutes and your delicious cheese is ready!

Our favourite classic: Caprese sandwich board

During the summer months, we always love eating salads. Surely the caprese is the most famous classic and almost everyone likes this combination! Do you like simple and quick? Then make a drinks board with caprese.

What do you need?
4 people:

3 nice fresh Roma tomatoes
2 scoops of mozzarella (preferably buffalo)
Fresh pesto
A few nice fresh basil leaves to garnish

How do you make it?

Pick some fresh basil leaves. Thinly slice the ball of mozzarella and do the same with the tomatoes.
Place the tomato and mozzarella slices alternately on the smoking board and put some fresh basil leaves in between. Garnish with the pesto.
Serve with freshly baked (warm) Turkish bread, with some organic salty butter.

Enjoy your meal!


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Prawn skewers to accompany drinks

Serve some grilled prawns or large prawns on the drinks board.
Marinate the prawns in a little cooking olive oil with some fresh garlic and soy sauce and thread them onto a skewer.
Grill them on the BBQ with some fresh sweet paprika and possibly some pieces of fresh grilled mango.

TIP: Stonewall kitchen's aiolis fit this perfectly.

Homemade mini burgers from the Plancha

Got the time? Then fire up the OFYR and prepare the tastiest burgers on the plancha.

Actually, anything prepared on real fire with real wood tastes best.
The plate of the OFYR is ideal for grilling. With the grill round, you can expand the set and grill on top of dishes on the grid or in a grill pan of cast iron.

Recipe for burgers
4 people

400 grams of minced meat
dash of soy sauce manis
half a teaspoon of curry powder
half a teaspoon of Kamarados Hot Rub
freshly ground spice mix from the man with the pan India
1 egg
1 rusk

Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl and make burgers.
Fry them alternately golden brown on the plancha and serve them on a hamburger bun with gherkin and a sprinkle of gin mayo and a sprinkle of gin chup.
We fry red onion with it and serve it all with fresh fried new potatoes from the Spooner from the Rijpje!

Enjoy your meal.

Herb butter from The Man With The Pan with its own twist!

Homemade herb butter is of course not to be missed during a get-together along with a barbecue.

We love the spice mix for herb butter From The Man With The Pan. Mix these herbs with a packet of organic butter and shred another small red onion with freshly chopped parsley. This herb butter is delicious on a crusty warm bread roll!

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