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Colourful and heavenly dishes on the barbecue

Colourful and heavenly dishes on the barbecue

Colourful & tasty outdoor cooking

If you have the barbecue If you turn on the fire, you immediately create atmosphere in the garden. The smell of smouldering coals and the Mis en place with all sorts of delicacies already give your taste buds a signal that something incredibly tasty is about to arrive! In this blog, we would like to tell you more about various techniques and possibilities you can use while barbecuing.

Preparing salmon on western red cedar smoking boards

Smoking your own salmon is totally hot these days!
Centuries ago, the Vikings were already doing this in Scandinavia, attaching their freshly caught fish to a large piece of wood and placing them around a fire in the direction of the smoke.

Experience this fantastic experience for yourself now with western red cedar smoking boards of the VUUR LAB.
Smoke and cook a nice piece of fresh salmon on the barbecue, in the smoker or on the HNYGRILL!
While preparing the dish, enjoy a nice wine and some homemade snacks together.

Western Red Cedar gives a powerful sweet-spicy smoke flavour that goes very well with fish, but also pairs surprisingly well with vegetables and fruit. Dip your freshly smoked salmon in the irresistibly delicious Tomasu Soy sauce and enjoy like god in France!

Smoking with Gusta's smoker

Boundless barbecueing is what you do with this BBQ Smoker from Gusta.

This small, lightweight barbecue is easy to take anywhere.
But of course, it is also perfect for use in your smaller garden, at the campsite or on the balcony.

This smoker barbecue can be used as a normal coal barbecue and smoke barbecue, due to the different compartments inside the barbecue. The Gusta BBQ Smoker has a handy extra rack at the bottom of the barbecue, which can be used as a charcoal/briquette starter. The barbecue features various adjustable air intakes as well as a thermometer.

On the OFYR you can also do some delicious plank grilling!

Did you know that with the OFYR outdoor kitchen you can also do delicious plank grilling?

Place smoking boards with fish, meat, camembert or vegetables on the plancha of your OFYR and stoke up the fire so the plate gets nice and hot.
The food has a longer cooking time as it lies on the smoking board. The aromas of the cedar give a delicious flavour to your barbecue dish!


Fingerlicking Good Food from the beechwood smoking board

Jelle recently shared this fingerlicking photo with us!
He prepared pork tenderloin medallions with breakfast bacon and prunes on the beechwood smoking boards.

He marinated the pork tenderloin for two hours in a marinade of oyster sauce, garlic, plums, chilli sauce, soy sauce and 5-spice blend.
After this, he rolled the pork tenderloin medallions in breakfast bacon and grilled them to a core temperature of 60 degrees on the beechwood smoking board.

Beech wood, along with oak, has traditionally been the most commonly used wood type in smoking.
It gives a lovely mild smoky flavour that suits basically everything, but especially pork, chicken and fish.
Due to the relatively high density of beech wood and a thickness of 11 mm, these smoking boards can be used multiple times.
To be used on any barbecue with a lid.

Which smoking board do you choose?

Are you inspired and want to get started preparing heavenly and colourful dishes yourself?
You can choose from three types of smoking boards:

1. Cherry wood
3. Beechwood

Do you have any questions, or would you like personal advice on barbecuing and using smoking boards?
Then feel free to take contact with us, we are happy to help!

Warm greetings from the VUUR LAB.