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I'm going on a trip and taking

I'm going on a trip and taking

Experience the best fire adventures during the summer holidays and make it extra cosy!

Are you travelling or staying home and making it extra special in your own garden?
Whatever you are going to do, we are happy to lend a hand to make it something beautiful.

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Shop now these super cute items for the camper, folding trailer, tent or caravan

The best holidays are of course in nature! Whether in the woods or dunes around the corner or somewhere on a beautiful park or estate at home or abroad. Nature is a place where you can fully recharge your batteries and get going again full of energy after your holiday.

We have a super nice assortment to have fun moments during your summer holidays. Below you will find a list of items that are sure to come in handy when you are out in nature, camping, travelling in the camper, with the folding trailer or just in your own backyard:

-Guidelight as a table lamp, mood light and spotlight during an adventure drop-off
-Magnesium firestarter for lighting a fire
-Tea towels you can play games on
-Holiday BBQ Set with portable and foldable bbq, cast iron pan, glove and tool-set
-Percolator with mugs to make coffee on the stove
-Organic herbs for culinary de camping cooking sessions
-Cast iron grill pan for grilling on real fire
-Three-legged set for cooking outdoors in nature
-Cool blankets to hang up nicely

Lavender syrup
Prepare the tastiest barbecue dishes at the campsite

Go to a local market, farm shop or supermarket and get tasty ingredients for a BBQ night.

We always enjoy seasoning/marinating the chicken ourselves and cutting and preparing everything fresh. Being on holiday, you have more time and attention for this than at home. Take a few common spices with you when you travel that you can use in all directions such as; hot curry, black pepper/pepper mill, himalayan salt, ras el hanout etc. Of course, with some fresh garlic and onion, you can make anything tasty!

Insert the portable BBQ on with coconut briquettes or regular barbecue briquettes and prepare everything together to make it a cosy evening.

Make it extra cosy in the tent

With a guidelight from Weltevree, you can make the tent extra cosy. This lamp provides atmospheric soft light to dream away. And if you have a game You can use it as a spotlight if you want to play man-play or read a book; you can easily dim the lamp to the desired light level you find comfortable.

Make your own fire with the Magnesium firestarter

The magnesium firestarter should not be missing during your summer holidays! Gather some nice kindling and make your own campfire to cook on. Make sure it is safe and ask your parents to stay with you during the fire adventure :).

With a Skillet pan you can fry on real fires. Make sure you bring these along on your camping adventure!

Prawns in the Skilet pan
Campfire cheese fondue

Did you know that the tins of cheese fondue can simply be put on the bbq or over the fire? So ideal to take with you on your camping adventure!

Cheese fondue on the Kamado BBQ
Take your OONI pizza oven with you when you travel

You can take the OONI PIZZA OVEN with you on trips in the campervan, caravan or car with ease. It weighs only 10 kg!

Hang back lazily in a fine chair

Lazing around and loafing that's holiday!

The fieldchair Weltevree chairs remain our favourite. If you have a spare spot in the caravan, feel free to take them on your trip, you won't regret it :).

Brew the tastiest camping coffee with this percolator

Whether you like espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato, this authentic espresso jug will make your own delicious Italian coffee.

Take the percolator along for the trip and enjoy a steaming mug of fresh coffee with your feet in the grass in the morning.

Don't forget to take this soft Hamam Towel with you when you travel!

This beautiful Hamam towel by Oxious is wonderfully soft and stylish. Ideal for carrying in your suitcase.

Spread the hamam towel on your lounger, take it to the sea or pool and enjoy your summer holiday.

Fruity summer drinks without alcohol

Drink plenty of water mixed with delicious herbs or syrups.

Do you know the hibiscus variant already from Pineut? This table water is deliciously summery and beautiful on the table.

You make it very easily yourself, with flat or sparkling water.
Alcohol-free and no added sugars.

Happy summer holidays!
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