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Full of fire into the new year

Full of fire into the new year

Celebrate life around the bonfire

Bake your own apple turnovers with the VUUR LAB. Outdoor Cooking Stove
Organise an Outdoor New Year's Eve party

Have you already made plans for New Year's Eve or are you a 'Last minute' decision-maker?
We would like to share with you our fiery tips to make your New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve extra fun.
On the last day of the year, we look back, look forward and toast to health and prosperity.

Discover the Cozy Outdoor Cooking Stove!

Make it extra cosy during New Year's Eve! Enjoy a beautiful evening, full of fire in the VUUR LAB. Cozy Outdoor Cooking Stove.
We are always fans of small bites during the holidays, these are easy to prepare and quick to cook on the griddle or plancha.
For example, you can choose mini spring rolls, samosas or small wraps. Puff up the appetisers a little more and serve them with these divine Peanut sauce around the fire while enjoying a nice drink.

Cozy Outdoor Cooking Stove VUUR LAB. Fire

Five tips for an unforgettable New Year's Eve

Bake your own oliebollen and apple turnovers in the witching kettle during the day with the VUUR LAB. Outdoor Cooking Stove
Decorate your garden, make it extra cosy with warm sheepskins, cool campfire blankets
Create a beautiful bonfire in your garden to enjoy the dancing flames and good food and drink with your guests and toast to life
In the evening, warm apple turnovers and doughnuts on the griddle of the Outdoor Cooking Stove. For the kids, you can of course bring in marshmallows, roast them on a stick in the fire of the stove
Early in the evening, have everyone write a wish on a note, stand together around the fire and place your wish note in the fire, to give the wish extra power
Warm apple turnovers VUUR LAB.
Campfire Fire LAB. Winter

Festive & warming campfire drinks 

Serve a spicy Gimber Brut cocktail or mocktail to celebrate life together!
If you like spicy? then this non-alcoholic version is highly recommended.


What do you need for four people?

1 bottle Gimber Brut
1 bottle of Spa Red
Freshly squeezed orange juice
Handful of cranberries
500 ml Cranberry juice
4 Straws
4 Large wine glasses or cocktail glasses
1 Sliced orange
4 small sprigs of fresh rosemary

How to make this festive non-alcoholic Mocktail?

Place the cocktail glasses on a sturdy table
Take the cranberries and divide them at the bottom of the glasses, place half an orange slice on top of this
Now pour a splash of Gimber Brut into each glass, about 50 ml per glass
Above on the spa red, about 100 ml per glass
Finally, divide the orange juice between the glasses
Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and a straw
Marshmallows roasting campfire

We wish you and your loved one(s) a very happy and, above all, safe New Year's Eve

Oil balls with stars VUUR LAB.