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GIMBER N°2 BRUT 500 ml

GIMBER N°2 BRUT 500 ml
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Gimber Brut N°2 Mocktail Let The Sunshine Kick In
GIMBER BRUT No2! For the feisty fine-trial mother!
GIMBER N°2 BRUT 500 ml
Cheers! Lovely bubbling in the Tub with a healthy mocktail
Gimber Brut Gift

GIMBER N°2 BRUT 500 ml

Brand: Gimber

GIMBER BRUT N°2 is nicely spicy


The new ginger concentrate with 50% less sugar...and yet, everything you expect from GIMBER: a refreshing pick-me-up with the original spicy character.

Serving tip
Mix 20-30 ml of GIMBER with fresh sparkling water or pure as you like it.
About 20 glasses.

Frequently asked questions about N°2 BRUT

 Why the name BRUT?
On reading brut you might think of a glass of champagne during those pre-GIMBER times. Here, BRUT stands for a pure natural, alcohol-free ginger concentrate but with 50% less sugar. Because for some, life can always be celebrated with less sugar!
What is Yuzu?
A superfruit, yuzu is also the flavour of the year. Oh so popular thanks to its concentration of vitamin C and antioxidants. Its flavour is as sweet as it is floral and tangy. A favourite with flavour lovers, chefs and bartenders because of its subtle woody notes and coconut flavour.
Who is BRUT for?
All those watching their sugar intake as part of a diet, health concerns or a healthier lifestyle. But also all GIMBER fans of the first hour, who can now choose between two versions of their favourite non-alcoholic ginger concentrate.

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Product information

Make the most delicious Mocktails or Cocktails with GIMBER Brut N°2

Pour yourself a delicious glass of Gimber N°2 and enjoy a healthy shot!
We love Mocktails and healthy cocktails immensely :)
Especially now that the sun is shining more often, it is wonderfully refreshing to have a non-alcoholic drink.
Grab your finest glasses, ice cubes, fresh orange juice and pour in the Gimber N°2, health!

Ingredients GIMBER Brut N°2

Concentrate of organic ginger
High-quality botanicals
Lemon thyme

Average nutritional values per 30ml GIMBER Brut N°2

Energy 94.7 KJ / 22.6 Kcal
Fat<0.07 g
Of which saturated<0.10 g
Carbohydrates 5.64 g
Of which sugars 5.22 g
Protein 0.20 g
Salt < 0.008 g

Delicious healthy non-alcoholic drink to pour while barbecuing and/or cooking outdoors.
You can also use GIMBER in your wok dishes and marinades!

GIMBER surprises us every time with its special shape and especially its great, spicy flavour.

But what exactly are the benefits of ginger? The fact is, ginger can have a lot of beneficial effects on your body thanks to the active ingredients this tropical root contains. Are you curious about the possible health benefits of ginger? Then read on quickly!

NOTE: Please consult a doctor if you have any questions!

1. Digest

Do you sometimes suffer from abdominal pain? Or do you feel bloated after a hearty meal? Then ginger can help give you some relief.
In fact, ginger can contribute to healthy digestion. For pregnant women, ginger can also be a miracle cure for morning sickness.
If you have any questions about this, it is best to discuss it with your GP.

2. Immune system

Starting a healthy lifestyle to avoid diseases, you are not the only one. It is always important to maintain your health.
People often wonder how they could strengthen their immune system and natural defences. And as it turned out, ginger can definitely contribute to that goal!

3. Muscles and joints

Are you not as limber as you used to be? And does a short workout feel like you just ran a triple marathon?
Then it could just be that your muscles and joints are getting weaker as you age a day...
Did we say older? We meant wiser of course! Anyway: ginger can be beneficial in reducing muscle and joint pain. So worth a try!

4. Blood sugar

If your blood sugar is playing tricks on you, we understand that this is not easy for you.
Fortunately, ginger can then be a tasty aid as this wonder root could keep your blood sugar stable.
This is especially useful for people with diabetes. Definitely give it a shot, and if necessary, consult your GP if you have any questions.

5. Vitality and energy

We were born to live! That may sound like an open door, but do we always feel that alive?
Sometimes, with accompanying stress, it may be more than normal for you to feel sluggish and tired at times.
So it is important to boost your energy levels. And then ginger is a welcome solution as it can help you get more vitality and energy.

6. Cardiovascular health

Thing is, ginger can have a positive effect on your body thanks to its many antioxidants. That sounds promising!

7. Airways

Respiratory health has been keeping the world on its toes for quite some time. Now it is true that ginger can also be beneficial for the lungs and airways.
So when you suffer from inflammation or asthma, ginger can provide relief.
We sound off on that! See, we now know that ginger has a lot of potential benefits for your health.

So we can only encourage you to give GIMBER a chance. Enjoy it and cheers to your good health!


500 ml