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Discover the benefits of a BBQ smoking board

Discover the benefits of a BBQ smoking board

Take your BBQ Skills to the next level with a smoking board

A smoking board is a multifunctional BBQ accessory

Take your BBQ Skills to the next level and grill fresh ingredients on a Tapas smoking board

Would you like to do more with your kamado, Green Egg, OFYR, Outdoor oven or other barbecue?
Then discover the collection of smoking boards from the VUUR LAB.®

The cedar boards not only add a delicious smoky flavour to your BBQ dishes, but they also slow down the cooking process by about 50%.
In addition, the smoking board used to keep cooked food warm on the hot plate before serving.

The boards can be used several times, provided they are cleaned properly.
Suitable for slow-cooking ingredients, developing a delicious smoky flavour.

Tips & tricks cooking and barbecuing with a smoking board

When you prepare a dish on a smoking board, you do not need to turn the product to be prepared.
You put the piece of fish, meat or vegetables on the board and you don't have to do anything more to it.

When the product is ready, serve it directly to your guests on the smoking board itself.
Not only does this look very professional, the food really does taste even better when eaten from the smoking board!

You can choose from three types of BBQ smoking boards

The smoking boards can be ordered individually or in a benefit pack!

Do you have a restaurant or organise events? Then ask about our Wholesale prices.

Feel free to send us some fun photos of outdoor cooking with the smoking board.
Enjoy your meal!


Tapas BBQ Smoking Board XL

Western red cedar BBQ smoking board | Regular

Discover the VUUR LAB. Collection!