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Running Fire October 2022

Running Fire October 2022

Discover October's Running Fire

It's time again for fine and romantic evenings by the fire!
With this complete outdoor cooking set, you can get straight to work preparing the tastiest dishes over a real fire.
The Running Fire is, of course, also very nice to give as a gift.

This month, we have a very cool 'Running Fire' of the month!

This outdoor cooking set includes a sturdy matt black BBQ Outdoor cooking stove Ø36 with baking tray Ø36 and a long wooden spoon.
We have also included a 400-gram tin of delicious Dutch cheese fondue, which you can prepare on the griddle in the tin or else au bain Marie. Of course, you can also put the contents in a cheese fondue pan.
You light the outdoor cooking stove with ease using the included long matches, you only need a few small logs to make a nice fire. If you add wood or want to move the griddle, you can put on the sturdy BBQ glove black suede.

We wish you lots of outdoor cooking fun in advance!

Check out the other beautiful matching accessories to make your outdoor cooking experience even better!

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Make a nice fire in the Outdoor Cooking Stove