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Let The Sunshine Kick In!

Let The Sunshine Kick In!

Gimber Brut N°2 Kick with ginger with yuzu & lemon thyme

Do you know Gimber Brut N°2 already? This deliciously healthy and organic drink lets you enjoy the kick of ginger with Yuzu & lemon thyme.

Mix it with water, spa red or tonic or drink it pure as a healthy shot.

Boost your immune system with Gimber. Let The Sunshine Kick In

Starting a healthy lifestyle to avoid disease? You're not the only one doing it.
Especially since the pandemic broke out, people are increasingly realising the importance of maintaining your health.
The world rushed to ask Google how they could strengthen their immune system and natural defences.
And as it turned out, ginger can definitely contribute to that goal.

GIMBER BRUT N°2 is nice and spicy!

The new ginger concentrate with 50% less sugar...and yet, everything you expect from GIMBER: a refreshing pick-me-up with the original spicy character.

Serving tip
Mix 20-30 ml of GIMBER with fresh sparkling water or pure as you like it.
About 20 glasses.

Frequently asked questions about N°2 BRUT Why the name BRUT?
On reading brut you might think of a glass of champagne during those pre-GIMBER times. Here, BRUT stands for a pure natural, alcohol-free ginger concentrate but with 50% less sugar. Because for some, life can always be celebrated with less sugar!

What is Yuzu?
A superfruit, yuzu is also the flavour of the year. Oh so popular thanks to its concentration of vitamin C and antioxidants. Its flavour is as sweet as it is floral and tangy. A favourite with flavour lovers, chefs and bartenders because of its subtle woody notes and coconut flavour.

Who is BRUT for?
All those watching their sugar intake as part of a diet, health concerns or a healthier lifestyle. But also all GIMBER fans of the first hour, who can now choose between two versions of their favourite non-alcoholic ginger concentrate.