Barbecueën op een Tapas Rookplank XL van het VUUR LAB.® - Het Vuur LAB.
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Barbecuing on a Tapas Smoking Board XL from the VUUR LAB.®

Barbecuing on a Tapas Smoking Board XL from the VUUR LAB.®

Smoking boards make a great gift for the BBQ lover!
Prepare the tastiest BBQ Tapas on this cedar wooden smoking board

Are you a proud owner of a Kamado, Big Green Egg or other type of 'Egg' BBQ? Then these Tapas Smoking Shelves XL a must-have!

You can prepare the tastiest dishes with these smoking boards
Divine taste sensations combined with beautiful presentation.

Heating on the BBQ gives the BBQ dish an extra subtle cedar flavour. Delicious in combination with a fresh piece of fish, meat, vegetables and fruit. You can also use the VUUR LAB.® Tapas Smoking Board XL to smoke a tasty cheese, such as camembert, brie or a creamy goat's cheese.

Dimensions of Tapas Smoking Board XL
30 x 9 x 0.7 cm

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Cedar gives a unique, heavenly aroma to your BBQ dishes.
You can choose from 3 sizes of Cedar wooden smoking boards.
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Take your BBQ Skills to the next level and grill fresh ingredients on a Tapas smoking board
Salmon on the smoking board

You can use the VUUR LAB.®'s cedar smoking boards for various recipes. 1 of the most famous preparations is, of course, with salmon. The smoking board is a very easy way to discover more possibilities with your BBQ.

The flavour of the cedar and smoke soak into the dish.
Prepare the salmon on a tapas smoking board or a regular smoking board and add some slices of lemon and dill if necessary.
Enjoy your meal!

Smoking board western red cedar on HNYGRLL
Order them all in this Triple Pack!

There are 9 smoking boards in this Triple Pack!

3 x Tapas Smoking Board XL
3 x Tapas Smoking Board Regular
3 x Smoking board Regular

Smoking board kamado