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Craft from Dutch soil

Craft from Dutch soil

Beautiful natural products from Dutch soil

Make it extra cosy this spring

Sustainable Musthaves

We would like to share a few beautiful items from the collection made from natural products. At VUUR LAB., we love wood and beautiful sustainable products for enjoying the real outdoors.

As far as we are concerned, Weltevree has really done its best to give authentic products a new look and regularly comes up with new items that exceed our expectations every time.

The primal Dutch clog has been given a new lease of life by designer: Lex Pot. The clogs take a while to break in, but once they are broken in, you will enjoy them for a long time!

The authentic Dutch wooden shoe in a new look

The wooden shoe is an iconic product made of wood! Anno 2022, wooden clogs are handy, natural shoes for the garden. Weltevree's clogs are elegant in appearance and fit in perfectly with modern life.

Making wooden shoes has become a Dutch craft. Weltevree's clogs are therefore made from wood from Dutch forests and processed in an authentic Dutch clog factory. Poplar wood is used for the clogs // poplars, entirely according to tradition.

Each lump is created from a single log

This is gouged into a clog-shaped shoe using hand-operated machines. The interior is also hollowed out by machine to create space for the foot.

Sanded by hand

The clean lines in the wood are unique to these clogs. After the clogs come out of the machines, they are sanded by hand. This creates the distinctive elegant silhouette of the Poplars.

Douglas wood from sustainably managed forests

The Douglas wood from which the Forestry table and benches are made comes from forests sustainably managed by the Forestry Commission.

These are forests that are also used for recreational purposes. Douglas wood is very durable and turns a silver-grey colour when left untreated.

The table top of the Forestry table is made of two planks joined together. These two planks are made from a single piece of wood, even in the 12-seater version (about 4 metres long). Because the table is made from one wooden plank, there are no breaks in the table top.

Rough or refined?

The Forestry Table is available in two versions: Raw and Refined.
Both editions are made of untreated Douglas wood.

The Raw edition has natural edges, showing signs of the original bark and shape of the tree it came from.

The Refined edition has straight, sanded edges, which provide a sophisticated look.

Garden chairs made of sustainable Dutch larch wood

The Fieldchair is made entirely of untreated larch wood. This gives the chair its natural look and emphasises the strength of the material. Larch wood is very durable and remains in good condition for up to 10 to 15 years even without treatment. If left untreated, the material will take on a silver-grey colour as time passes.

Larch wood comes from Dutch forests managed sustainably by the Dutch Forestry Commission. Every year, many trees are felled in these forests and new ones are planted, all to keep the forest healthy.

The Forestry Commission's sustainable approach has resulted in the timber earning FSC certification and being of very good quality with a durability class 3.

Convenience serves man!

The Fieldchair by Weltevree features a strong textile loop is attached to the front of the seat. This loop is so strong that it can hold the weight of the seat when hung on a hook or carried by hand.

Durable thermally modified ash wood

Comfortable bathing in nature: the Dutchtub Wood lets you relax in an outdoor pool. This unique wood-fired hot tub uses natural circulation to heat the water.

It is clad in durable thermally modified ash wood, giving it a natural look and blending in with nature.

One with Nature

The Dutchtub Wood has a natural look: as the tub is covered with wooden panels, it blends in completely with its surroundings. The wooden panels of the Dutchtub Wood are made of thermally modified ash wood. By choosing ash wood, we have greater assurance that no tropical forests are cut down for our products.