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Which patio heater suits you?

Which patio heater suits you?

Check out our nice selection and choose the patio heater that suits you!

When the evenings get colder, of course you turn on the patio heater. Enjoy a nice warm fire to stay outside longer. With a patio heater, you bring extra atmosphere to your garden. Check out the VUUR LAB. patio heater collection and make the evenings cosier.

Make evenings cosier with a patio heater from the VUUR LAB.

Are you also an outdoorsman and love chilling by a fire?
With a patio heater, you'll experience the most cosy evenings! Cosy up outside around your patio heater with a snack and a drink.

The Outdoor oven by Weltevree, for example, is a real mood creator in the garden where you can light a nice fire and bake a fresh pizza at the same time.

Check out our nice selection and choose the patio heater that suits you!

Stoking & Outdoor cooking

The nicest patio heaters can be found at the VUUR LAB.

With a patio heater, you not only warm up the evening chill with ease but you can also cosily grill marshmallows or tasty sausages on a stick. Invite your best friends over, make a campfire playlist on spotify and turn on the patio heater.

Dispel the evening chill in early spring with a patio heater
Terrace heater and BBQ in 1

Order our bestseller!
The VUUR LAB. outdoor cooking stove allows you to barbecue.

As the evenings in the Netherlands are often a bit colder, it is great to turn on a patio heater. This allows you to be outside for longer.
A patio heater also adds atmosphere to your garden.

The advantage of the VUUR LAB. outdoor cooking stoves is that you can easily move them.
Bake tasty snacks together on the griddle and enjoy the warm fire after dinner until late.
The outdoor stove gives cosiness.

Which outdoor cooking set will you choose?

BBQ Appetisers on a cedarwood tapas smoking board

Surprise your guests with delicious BBQ appetisers made on cedarwood tapas roo platters!

You can prepare the tapas appetisers in advance with ease. You can grill the tapas plates on the barbecue grill of the outdoor cooking stove. Enjoy the delicious cedar smell as you prepare them!
The cedar gives the morsels a very delicate cedar aroma.

Because you prepare the BBQ appetisers on the tapas smoking boards, you can easily serve them individually.
You can also opt for the larger version of the Tapas smoking board For example, to grill a whole trout or a couple of salmon legs on.

Enjoy your meal!