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Discover the FONKLY NEW items at the VUUR LAB.
Who are you going to surprise with a summer gift?

Every month we get super fun new items in! Keep a regular eye on the site and check socials for updates.

Are you looking for a nice gift for a dear colleague, your friend, grandpa, grandma or do you want to treat yourself to a nice gift? At the VUUR LAB., you can choose from a wide range to enrich your (outdoor) life.


The products below are new arrivals:
- Organic Ginger Club Cranberry
- Organic Lavender syrup from Agropošta
- BBQ Gloves suede colour green
- Spare Rub Dry Rub by Kamarados
- Hot Dry Rub
- Butterfly mugs enamel
- Bird mugs enamel
- White Sangria HappyOle
- Rose Sangria HappyOle
- Tapas Smoking Shelves Western Red Cedar
- Herb butter The man With The pan
- Weltevree sundial table

Do you love butterflies & birds too?

The most beautiful butterflies & birds are now abundant in the garden!

Butterflies enjoy fluttering around and eating the nectar found in flowers. Nectar contains a lot of energy, which butterflies need to fly and lay eggs. Do you love butterflies too? Then these butterfly mugs probably your favourite too.

Birds are looking for the worms and insects they need to get their share of protein. They like to be in a garden with flowering plants and eat the insects that come to them, they are also looking for worms in the lawn. Enjoy the spectacle while enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee from this beautiful mug with birds, the mugs also make great gifts!

For the Sangria lover

Summer has really started now! Head out together and grab a delicious bottle of Sangria along in your cooler bag.
Enjoy the real outdoors together in the sunshine.


Protect your hands while barbecuing with these blue BBQ Gloves
Give your outdoor tap an upgrade with Weltevree's Waterworks

Give your outdoor tap an upgrade with this water station and outdoor sink in one.

The Waterworks by Weltevree creates order around the water connection in the garden or on the balcony, as well as providing storage and a work surface itself.

NEW IN: Tapas Smoking Shelves Western Red Cedar

With a Tapas smoking board Western Red Cedar, you can prepare the fun little dishes on the BBQ, plancha, smoker oven, kamado and in the oven.

Choose a nice piece of fish such as salmon, a scallop, camembert or some asparagus wrapped in breakfast bacon.
Surprise your guests with the most delicious taste sensations this summer!

What will you prepare at the Tapas smoking board?

Sundial table by Weltevree

The sundial table by Weltevree is already 1 of our favourite items!
You can choose from two colours: yellow or green.

Graduated? Time for a BBQ Party!
This is the tastiest cheese fondue for the BBQ!

Did you know that you can also cook the canned cheese fondue on the BBQ?

You put the tin on the BBQ grill or on the griddle of the outdoor stove and slowly heat up the cheese fondue. Choose some tasty dippers to go with it and enjoy a summer cheese fondue!

We have three types of cheese fondue for you in our range:

- French blue cheese fondue
- Italian Truffle Cheese Fondue
- Dutch cheese fondue

Feast on truffle cheese fondue with fresh Italian summer truffle
Make the tastiest summer cocktails with Gingerclub Cranberry

This Gingerclub Cranberry has just arrived new!

Mix this Organic ginger drink with spa red or water and enjoy a spicy summer drink full of vitamins.


Slice a watermelon and put it in the blender with a few ice cubes and a generous splash Gingerclub Cranberry.
Make the tastiest cold mocktails in no time!