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Bring your BBQ outdoor cooking stove in the Camper!

Bring your BBQ outdoor cooking stove in the Camper!

Self-sufficient with VUUR LAB. BBQ Outdoor cooking stove

During your Motorhome & Camping adventures, the VUUR LAB.'s BBQ Outdoor cooking stove should not be missing, of course!

Experience the best evenings during your motorhome adventure at night by the fire.

You only need a few logs to light the outdoor cooking stove and prepare a meal. After cooking outside, you can still enjoy a fire in the stove.

Do you also have Camping & Motorhome jitters?
Enjoy after dinner by a cosy campfire

While camping, it is always great to sit around a nice fire together at night when it cools down from the outdoor stove with a cup of tea or other tasty beverage.

Make sure you have a supply of wood ready to go so you have enough to enjoy an evening by the fire.

Make the most delicious dishes in the Skillet pan
Tough cast iron pans for the campfire

Back to Basic cooking on a campfire is truly ultimate enjoyment as far as we are concerned!
Grab your cast iron grill pan or Skillet Pan Cast iron Ø26 with handle from your kitchen cupboard and take it with you on your travels. You can simply put this pan in the campfire or on a grate over the fire.

Don't forget to bring your BBQ gloves, as the pan gets red-hot.

Handy for travelling

Take your magnesium firestarter always travel with you, that way you always have a lighter handy and can make a nice fire to cook on!

Bake the tastiest waffles on the go
Take your OFYR Tabl'O with you when you travel!

The OFYR Tabl'O is a fine table grill to take on a trip in your campervan!

Enjoy good food!

Because you grill on coconut briquettes, there is little smoke, making it possible to bake and cook in all sorts of places with the OFYR.

Grill like a pro with the OFYR Tabl'O
Take your OONI PIZZA OVEN with you when you travel in a carrying case

OONI's Pizza Ovens can be carried in a matching carrying case!
Super convenient anyway :).

Create your own Camping pizzeria 
In the Ooni Fyra pizza oven you can grill and bake in addition to baking the tastiest pizzas.
With a cast iron skillet pan prepare a healthy dish with ease. Visit a local market and get fresh vegetables and healthy ingredients to cook in the oven in the evening.

You probably have a spot left in the camper to take this pizza oven with you :).
Happy holidays in advance!

Bake the tastiest camping pizzas!
Enjoy the real outdoors

Spring, summer, autumn or winter...
With the VUUR LAB.'s outdoor cooking collection, you can enjoy outdoor cooking and the real outdoors all year round!

Next holiday, just take your outdoor cooking set with you on your trip in the car, camper on your folding trailer!

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