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Running Fire November 2022

Running Fire November 2022

Outdoor cooking & fires start at the VUUR LAB.

Who will you enjoy delicious meals cooked on real fire with? Find out Running Fire of November and start cooking & firing outdoors right away. With the VUUR LAB.® BBQ | Outdoor cooking stoves, you can cook outside all year round! The BBQ Outdoor cooking stoves are very economical in use. You only need a few small logs to enjoy cooking outside on a real fire.

Discover November's 'Running Fire'

This month we have a very cool 'Running Fire of the Month' to match the lovely autumn season. With the sturdy BBQ Outdoor Cooking Stove Ø36 including griddle Ø36, you can prepare the tastiest dishes in your own garden. You can easily light the stove with a few small cubes of wood and the pinecone firelighters supplied. With the sturdy BBQ glove black suede, you can easily remove the griddle from the stove. Make a delicious hot Barù chocolate and enjoy together by the fire with a steaming hot chocolate from the enamel mugs with autumn print.

What's in November's Running Fire?

BBQ Outdoor cooking stove Ø36
Baking tray Ø36  
Long wooden spoon
Tough BBQ glove black suede
Two enamel mugs with autumn print
Tin Dark Chocolate Powder Barù
Bag of pinecone firelighters

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