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Fluffy Chocolate Marshmallows from Barú

Fluffy Chocolate Marshmallows from Barú

Marshmallow lovers beware - you have to taste these...

Who will you surprise with these yummy chocolate marshmallows?

Have you discovered BARÚ's handmade marshmallows yet?
These little indulgences are whipped to perfection and dipped in delectable Belgian chocolate!
The Marshmallows are made with real vanilla beans and honey.

More info on BARÚ

Barú is a Belgian company that builds on Belgium's chocolate heritage in a playful and original way.
A little rebellious and big fans of Belgian surrealism. Every day at Barú, they focus on creating delicious sweets and treats, packed with beautiful, natural ingredients.

Barú creations are the ultimate indulgence!


Hot drinks & marshmallows @The Campfire

No matter if it is summer, autumn, winter or spring...
Hot chocolate with marshmallows and a campfire are always a good idea!

Make the most delicious HOT CHOCOLATE ever with the Barú Dark Chocolate Powder mix.
Pour the hot chocolate drink into a nice mug and serve with some yummy Fluffy Marshmallows.

Ready to eat marshmallows

Hand out these Belgian Marshmallows by a campfire.
This time, they don't need to be on a stick in the fire ;). They are already Ready to eat!

Surprise your employees with marshmallows 

Our webshop offers a wide range of ready-made gifts for your hard-working employees!

We are happy to help you with tailor-made gift packages. We have matching gift packages and/or corporate gifts for every season.

Marshmallow know-it-all...

Did you know...
Marshmallows were first made as a remedy for a sore throat?
The medicinal power of the 'swamp cheesewort' plant (Althaea Officinalis) was discovered by the Ancient Egyptians.
A spoonful of sugar made the medicine go down, didn't it?
Smart people those Egyptians...

15 marshmallows in 4 different flavours

This range is the ideal way to discover different flavours.

This gift jar contains 15 marshmallows In 4 different flavours:
Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, dark chocolate with raspberry and dark chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel.

-Made from delicious Belgian chocolate
-Produced in Belgium
-Without artificial flavourings and colourings
-Palm oil free

Which chocolate marshmallow is your favourite?

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Marshmallows

These airy clouds are dipped in Belgian dark chocolate and then topped with dried raspberry chunks.
Raspberry-flavoured marshmallows are made naturally with vanilla bean and honey, individually wrapped for freshness.

Dark Chocolate Marshmallow

Do you love dark chocolate? Then Barú's Dark Chocolate Marshmallows will surely become your personal favourite soon!
These marshmallows are whipped to perfection and dipped in delectable Belgian dark chocolate.

Tip: You can also cut them into small pieces and top a cake with a dollop of whipped cream!

Milk Chocolate Marshmallow 

Hmmm, the soft creamy milk chocolate dip surrounding these Marshmallow are unbeatable so delicious. We are curious to know which flavour is your favourite. We honestly can't choose.

Sea Salt Caramel Marshmallow

This Fluffy Marshmallows by Barú are made with real vanilla and honey, with a delicious topping of Sea Salt Caramel. They are dipped in a delicious layer of Belgian milk chocolate. Sit back with a fresh cup of coffee and enjoy a delicious moment to yourself.

Dark Hot Chocolate Powder Barú 64% cocoa

This Dark Hot Chocolate Powder by Barú 64% cocoa has a delicious flavour and is highly recommended to serve with marshmallows. Indulge your taste buds with this tasty treat.

Tip: Put together your own nice gift package from our range with this chocolate powder in combination with the tripod set or a pair of robust mugs.