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The best campfire tips for kids during spring break

The best campfire tips for kids during spring break

Bake, roast, stew and fire!

Make your own campfire pizza tosti

It will be perfect weather this spring break to light a fire and bake the tastiest campfire pizza sandwiches. Read on soon and enjoy a wonderfully relaxing and, above all, fun holiday together with the kids.

Fire adventures in the holidays

It's spring break, time for campfire adventures!

Make it extra cosy during spring break! Cook outside & enjoy beautiful warm fires at the VUUR LAB. outdoor stove.

Head out, go to the woods and gather some wood in your backpack. Upon returning home, make it extra cosy in the garden. Turn on the cooking stove and gather around the dancing flames. It's always super fun to roast chestnuts, make sandwiches on a stick or hot chocolate with marshmallows.

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Bake delicious campfire sandwiches with a waffle iron

Preparing campfire pizza tosti | VUUR LAB.

That will be tasting and savoring!

With a waffle iron you can make the tastiest campfire sandwiches.

What do you need for the tastiest campfire sandwiches?


Utensils to fire up the wood with, e.g. self-collected wood, pine cone firelighterskindling woks...Waffle iron 
Bread (white or brown, whatever you like)
Tomato sauce or puree, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, peppers, onion, (back) ham, parmesan cheese (all optional, of course)
A plate
A cutting board to cut your ingredients on

Roast sweet chestnuts on the griddle of the outdoor cooking stove

Sweet chestnuts are very easy to prepare on the griddle of the VUUR LAB. outdoor cooking stove!

How to make puffed sweet chestnuts?
Grease the griddle grease with a knob of butter and braise the chestnuts on low heat.
They taste deliciously sweet. Pour a nice cup of steaming chocolate milk and enjoy together around the warm fire.


Visit the Lepelaar shop in 't Rijpje with the kids. We come here regularly to buy the tastiest seasonal produce. We like to buy our chestnuts from this wonderful bio-dynamic farm. They also have a picking garden.

In advance, have fun, you're sure to feast your eyes!

Roast sweet chestnuts on the griddle

Make your own hot chocolate with marshmallows

Outside, everything tastes better!

Warm chocolate milk with marshmallows is always a good idea. So make a nice fire in the outdoor cooking stove or set the tripod in the garden and prepare yourself a nice pan of chocolate milk in the witch's kettle.

Build a nice fire in the fire bowl

Bake your own bread in the campfire on a stick

First make your own bread dough and then wrap the dough on a stick or skewer. Roast the tastiest campfire sandwiches and have a delicious feast around the fire.

Tip: Serve a Dutch canned cheese fondue at and dip campfire sandwiches into the cheese fondue.

Roasting bread on a stick

Send us your best outdoor cooking photo and win a voucher worth € 25.00

Mail your best campfire photo to and who knows, you might win a voucher worth €25.00

Marshmallow time!

Invite a few friends and/or girlfriends and enjoy a fun afternoon together. Under the guidance of mum or dad, make a campfire and keep the fire burning. Occasionally put a block of wood on the campfire. Thread the marshmallow onto a skewer and roast them over the campfire until they are nicely golden brown. Blow well on the marshmallow again, so you don't burn your mouth.

Enjoy a cosy marshmallow party!

Marshmallows roasting campfire