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The art of outdoor cooking!

The art of outdoor cooking!

OFYR The art of outdoor cooking!
Cook outside for four seasons with an OFYR Outdoor Kitchen!

Are you looking for a new outdoor kitchen? Then opt for a uniform modular outdoor kitchen from OFYR!

BBQ and heat source in 1
An outdoor kitchen from OFYR is so much more than just a cooking unit: with OFYR, it also becomes a pleasant source of heat. around which you can enjoy standing with family and friends!

The design of OFYR cooking units encourages people to gather around the fire and start cooking together.
Be enticed by the flames and spend a cosy afternoon or evening around the fire with family and friends.


Order your OFYR Outdoor Kitchen at the VUUR LAB.

The VUUR LAB. is OFYR Dealer for the North Head!

You can come to us for a beautiful outdoor kitchen including all matching accessories. Feel free to drop by for a live cooking moment and experience the OFYR feeling for yourself.

Let's OFYR!

Enjoy outdoor cooking all year round with the OFYR!

An OFYR outdoor kitchen is the place to be no matter what the season - a space where you can spend time with friends and family, even when the weather turns colder.

What will you prepare on the OFYR's plancha?

With the OFYR, you can cook your own everything you do in a regular kitchen! There are lots of great accessories available to complete your outdoor cooking experience. Among others, you can choose an OFYR Pizza oven, rotisserie set, fire guard ring and cast iron pans.


OFYR outdoor cooking on the plancha
Cook like a PRO with the OFYR Accessories

To cook outside like a true BBQ Pro, you do need the right tools! Check out all the must-haves and order your OFYR accessories online at the VUUR LAB.

This starts with the right equipment such as a nice leather apron, a spatula, heat-resistant BBQ gloves, Buffadoo set, BBQ tongs or a well-stocked oil can.


Light your fire with ease with the Buffadoo Set from OFYR

If you struggle to light your fire, the Buffadoo Set the tools for you.

The BUFFADOO set includes a blowtorch and a sturdy tongs/poker, which help you direct oxygen into the OFYR firebox.
The items in the set help you regulate the fire and minimise smoke. The tongs also allow you to easily add more wood while cooking.

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