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Experience the best fire adventures in the May holidays

Experience the best fire adventures in the May holidays

Outdoor cooking, outdoor life, outdoor games and fires with the kids

Experience the best fire adventures in your own backyard (or front yard) this May holiday.

On the first day of the holidays, most people sleep in and enjoy a nice big breakfast with the whole family. If the sun stays away for a while in the morning, it is not a big deal to hang around the house a bit longer and make the house extra cosy together.

With our 3 tips, make this May holiday extra special!
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Win an outdoor cooking set worth € 199
Send us your best photo and stand a chance to win an outdoor cooking set worth € 199
Email info@vuurlab.nl with your motivation as to why you want to win!
We will announce the winner in week 20.


TIP 1: Garden clean-up day with cool rewards

Now that the weather is really getting nicer, we naturally want to spend more time in the garden with the whole family. Usually, after a long winter, it is necessary to clean up the garden, so make a plan together with the family to make your garden as beautiful and cosy as possible for next season.

Who does what?

-Make a list of what can go away and collectively take it to the local council yard;

-Go into the garden and take a good look at what you can spruce up with a lick of paint and go to the hardware store to get the necessary stuff for this;

-Do you want a (small) vegetable garden? Decide together what kind of vegetables you want to grow and get the seeds from the local garden centre;

-Sweeping, hoeing, seeding and working in the garden gets you hungry, so make a nice fire or light the BBQ outdoor cooking stove on and prepare some goodies to munch on together.

Have fun cleaning up the garden!

Send us your best photo, who knows, maybe you and your family will win an Outdoor Stove Set worth € 199.

Set up a vegetable garden with the kids
TIP 2: Making your own pizza, from dough to topping!

Making pizzas is always a good idea!

Especially if you can really take your time and make the dough yourself.
Of course, you can also opt for a ready-made version but that's really less fun.... Working with your hands and kneading your own dough is just incredibly fun, and the end result is extra tasty if you've made everything yourself from step 1.

Make a shopping list

How many pizzas are you going to make? Who will all eat with you and who would you like to invite to the PIZZA FEEST?

There are several mills that still sell their own flour. In North Holland, you can buy flour ground in a real mill in several places.

Mill shops and mills in North Holland
This May holiday, visit a mill windmill/mill where you can buy flour, flour and possibly other baking products. This will make your holidays extra fun and you can check out and stock up on ingredients to bake the tastiest pizzas and/or other treats during the holidays.

Check out the site of breadsmakelijk.co.uk for the addresses, opening hours, and other information such as possibility of tour, space rental and other possible services.

TIP 3: Organise a games afternoon

Man, don't aggravate yourself! Who didn't grow up playing this game?

Play aggravation or checkers on our special tea towels. Make your own pawns from, for example, coffee cues or bottle tops, and have a great time playing games together.

Who will you play checkers or man-er-je-nieten with?


Send us your best photo and stand a chance to win an outdoor cooking set worth € 199

Send us your cutest holiday photo from your backyard for a chance to win an outdoor cooking set worth € 199.

Email info@vuurlab.nl for a chance to win!
The winner will be announced in week 20.