Fire up your BBQ with our Dry Rub's and barbecue spice mixes - The VUUR LAB.®
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Fire up your BBQ with our Dry Rub's and barbecue spice mixes

Fire up your BBQ with our Dry Rub's and barbecue spice mixes

Order the tastiest BBQ DRY RUBS from the VUUR LAB.

No e-numbers, low salt, no flavour enhancers!

Always choose top-quality BBQ herbs

When picking out a Dry Rub for your BBQ event or to give as a gift to a barbecue lover, choose top quality!

The VUUR LAB.'s barbecue spice mixes and Dry Rubs are allergen-free, low in salt hate, contain no e-numbers and are guaranteed to taste great.

We sell various brands of BBQ herbs including organic herb mixes from Sonnentor, The Man With The Pan and Kamarados. Whatever flavouring you choose, our barbecue spice mixes will make it a deliciously flavourful feast.

Prepare the tastiest dishes on the BBQ with DRY RUBS!

Fish, meat, Veggies?
Rub it!

Special Dry Rubs from the BBQ Spices collection:
What is a Dry Rub?

A Dry Rub is a mixture of dried herbs and spices, with this you can season your Veggies, chicken, steak or fish wonderfully.

Which Dry Rub is your favourite?

Choose from the wide range of BBQ spice mixes and Dry Rubs.
Taste all the delicious Dry Rubs in this Six Pack.

Holy Veggie!

Do you prefer to eat Vega or Vegan as much as possible? Then the Sonnetor HOLY VEGGIE your favourite.

Holy Veggie should definitely not be missing from your spice cupboard. Chives and algae provide special aromas that will quickly make your grilled vegetables the centre of attention.

Grill your vegetables with this fantastic Organic herb mix and enjoy the delicious taste of fresh food prepared on real fire and this authentic herb mix from Sonnentor.

Fish seasoning mix for the gourmet!

You can season your fish yourself with some fresh grains of pepper and salt and lemon and rosemary, for example. Or you can opt for the convenience of Sonnentor's Fish & Chicks mix.

This organic mix is suitable for both fish and chicken.
Fish & Chicks BBQ seasoning gives your favourite dishes wings!

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