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Why choose an OFYR PRO outdoor kitchen?

Why choose an OFYR PRO outdoor kitchen?

Cook like a pro with the OFYR Pro line!
OFYR PRO outdoor kitchens are a perfect choice for both individuals and professionals

Prepare delicious dishes for a large group of guests with ease!

The OFYR PRO line has handy wheels and a handle to easily move the outdoor kitchen to any location. Super handy when the wind turns, for example. You drive to a sheltered spot with ease.


For restaurants, caterers and events, the OFYR XL and the OFYR Trailer are also available 

The XL variants have a plancha with a diameter of ø150cm! Ideal for festivals and party venues.

Outdoor kitchens from the OFYR PRO line can be expanded with beautiful accessories that make many cooking techniques possible.

The Storage space of the OFYR PRO appliances can be transformed into full-fledged open or closed cabinet space thanks to the inserts.

Shop the finest OFYR accessories and cook like a PRO!

While cooking outdoors with the OFYR, protect yourself from the heat of the flames.
You can choose from a wide range of accessories such as heat-resistant gloves and a nice leather OFYR apron.

With a OFYR Fire Guard ring complete your outdoor kitchen!