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Gardening makes you happy

Gardening makes you happy

Shop your sustainable gardening supplies for the new gardening season here

Gardening becomes even more fun with Barebones' gardening tools!

Gardening season is just around the corner! Shop your sustainable garden tools for the new gardening season here.

It is March, so pre-seeding can begin and budding greenery colours the garden and nature.
Every day it is light longer and that gives us nice new energy. Enjoy the green happiness in your own garden and start gardening today, because gardening makes you happy!


Barebones' pruning shears are a must have for all your pruning jobs

At the VUUR LAB. you can find fine garden tools To enjoy gardening.
The Barebones collection has a number of durable products with which you can do all garden chores with ease.
All garden tools are beautiful to look at and beautifully finished.

Planting a vegetable garden VUUR LAB.

Start gardening now

Nothing like your homegrown herbs & vegetables

Vegetable gardening is easier than you might think and the best part is: you don't actually need a garden to do it. You can also start a vegetable garden in a pot or a box. Grow your own sweet carrots, beetroot, fresh lettuce or spinach. It's all possible!

Vegetable garden in a pot

Sow in March

Which vegetables can be sown in the open air and which are better grown indoors in a greenhouse or on a windowsill?

Below is a list of the vegetables that can be sown in the open as early as March:

Spring onion

Below is a list of the vegetables you can pre-sow on your windowsill or in the greenhouse in March:

Red cabbage
Palm cabbage

A good pair of pruning shears is half the battle

The Barebones Pruning Shear is unique and should definitely not be missing from your collection of garden tools! This pruning shears is beautifully designed and sits well in the hand/fingers

Luxury pruning shears from Barebones

Protect your hands while gardening

Barebones' classic work gloves are specially made for optimal protection for your hands while gardening.
Nice to give as a gift!

The work gloves are made of beautifully soft, cowhide leather and are also very stylish
The work gloves are specially designed for outdoor use
The gloves have a pleated elastic cuff, keeping the glove snug around your hand
Get rid of those weeds!

Barebones' Weeding Fork is designed for removing deep-rooted weeds, among other things. Thanks to its handy design, removing weeds is no longer a problem.

Shop your complete set of garden tools from Barebones online!

Get rid of those weeds

Combine the Barebones collection with our other items!

Tidy up your garden tools

The Rabat Shelving is a beautifully refined (outdoor) cabinet suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Thanks to the tongue and groove wood connection, it is an easy to build system. The cabinet also does well as a room divider or extension of your Outdoor Kitchen.

Complete your garden with this waterworks from Weltevree

The area around the outdoor water tap is usually the messiest place in the garden.
Because where do you leave your gardening supplies like a water hose and water bucket? Does this sound familiar?
The Waterworks by Weltevree is a beautiful and practical solution to having a tidy once and for all :-).

Have fun gardening!

Gardening makes you happy