Safe cooking with the OFYR - The Fire LAB.
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Safe cooking with the OFYR

Safe cooking with the OFYR

Discover the luxury matching protective OFYR accessories!

Discover the OFYR collection at the VUUR LAB. OFYR is the new way of outdoor cooking & grilling. Cooking for a large group of people? Or do you want to cook a three-course meal outdoors? Whatever you have in mind, it's all possible with OFYR.

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Safe cooking with OFYR is no problem with the luxury accompanying protective OFYR accessories! From a wooden Fire Guard ring around the griddle or the Foodbumper, which keeps food on the plancha to a tough leather BBQ apron to protect your clothes and keep them clean.

Discover OFYR's luxury outdoor kitchens at the VUUR LAB.

The attractive OFYR Fire Guard Ring prevents accidental touching of the hot plancha

In addition, the 12.5 cm wide teak ring can serve as a table for small dishes. The Fire Guard Ring is easily mounted on the plate using six steel clamps

Luxury suede heat-resistant barbecue gloves from OFYR

Protect your hands while refilling the wood and cooking with the OFYR! With this luxurious suede barbecue gloves you cook entirely in style and your hands are protected from the heat of the fire.

These heat-resistant suede gloves are ideal for any ambitious chef. With a heat resistance toT 250˚C, these gloves offer excellent protection when moving your OFYR cooker or other hot parts.

Stylish and tough barbecue short from OFYR

Are you a real cooking fan and love to prepare beautiful dishes on the OFYR plancha? Then this stylish and sturdy barbecue short A must-have during outdoor cooking,

Food bumper to keep your expensive prawns on the plancha

The hot plates of OFYR cookers slope down slightly towards the centre. When the hot plates are heated, the middle will sink down even further. As a result, round foods like tomatoes but also very fatty foods can roll or slide towards the middle of the hob and fall into the fire. To avoid this, the OFYR Foodbumper developed.

The raised steel ring stops the food but still allows you to scrape the plate clean with the spatula and push the scrapings under the ring into the fire

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Baking and roasting with cast-iron OFYR pans

The cast iron skillets are your new best friends for cooking, braising and simmering your favourite dishes The pans are fireproof, can go in the Pizza oven are used and are ideal for preparing sauces, stews or cooking vegetables.