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Weltevree's Framehouse offers an inviting and screened-in space in a larger room
Framehouse Weltevree with Bench
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Framehouse Weltevree


Brand: Weltevree

Enrich your garden or indoor space with this beautiful Framehouse from Weltevree!

The Frame House comes without a roof to keep all options open.

Choose Weltevree's specially designed roof panels: polycarbonate sheets with anodised aluminium connectors. Or create your own roof with fabric, plants or other materials. read more

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Product information

Weltevree's Framehouse offers an inviting and screened space in a larger space

The cottage shape, open construction and wood create an accessible feel.
The frame house fits perfectly into an open-plan office interior or a sleek designer garden.

Place a lounge sofa with a sturdy garden table in the Framehouse and dress it up nicely inside with plants and lamps.
The Framehouse provides the basis for a personalised space.
Designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, it is constructed from beams of high-quality and durable douglas wood.
The beams are connected with smart steel joints.

The Framehouse is available in two sizes:

With 4 arches (3.5 m long) or with 5 arches (4.5 m long).


The platform is made of the same wood as the base of the Framehouse: local Douglas fir.
It is constructed of decking boards with a smooth top.
The boards have no grooves, as water and dirt accumulate there, creating the risk of algae formation and requiring more maintenance.
Smooth boards are easier to keep clean, so there is less risk of such algae formation.

Douglas Firewood

The wooden beams are made of natural, untreated Douglas fir.
Adding colour can be done by painting and/or treating the wood.

In addition, platform can be placed both indoors and outdoors and a transparent polycarbonate roof is available.
The delivery time depends on the composition of your Framehouse.

The Framehouse can be customised to your personal requirements!
Contact us at  info@vuurlab.nl  for more information on the options and delivery time of your new Framehouse.


Douglas wood, Steel


Zinc-plated, untreated


Floris Schoonderbeek


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use