New Brand: Barebones - Het Vuur LAB.
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New Brand: Barebones

New Brand: Barebones

The VUUR LAB. is BAREBONES dealer & Outdoor cooking specialist

Discover the wide range of durable Barebones products

Barebones is B-Corp certified!

You can choose from a wide range! Among others, we have super cute lamps, enamel tableware, sustainable gardening products for gardening, and the Barebones Cowboy grill. We also have matching grill tools with a chic and classic finish of beautiful walnut wood.

Browse the full range of beautiful Outdoor Cooking & Outdoor Living items and order easily online.
Barebones is B-Corp certified!

Sustainable tableware

Enjoy the real Outdoor living feeling! Barebones crockery is ideal for taking with you to the campsite, in the garden or, of course, just at home.

The Enamel signs and mugs from Barebones are fashionable and durable. Each item is hand-finished. Made of fired stainless steel that creates a bronze-like patina finish, this results in unique pieces that form a cohesive set.

The outdoors is calling. Discover the Barebones Outdoor Cooking Collection now!

Barebones' beautiful Outdoor Cooking collection makes outdoor living even better!
We have been FAN from the very beginning and are super proud to sell this beautiful brand in our webshop. The complete Barebones collection is available from us. Currently, the webshop is being completed with Barebones' Outdoor Living & Outdoor Cooking collection.

Discover the All-In-One Cast Iron Skillet from Barebones

The Cast Iron Skillet pan has a Japanese-inspired design. The pan is easy to use over the fire due to its extended handle.
The pan also includes a reversible lid with a copper handle. The thick bottom of the pan ensures that all heat is evenly distributed.

Note: due to a thicker bottom than other cast iron products, we recommend getting to know your pan 'slow and low'.
As with all pans, 'sticking' will decrease over time.

The best hatchet shop at the VUUR LAB.

Chop your own wood and warm you twice

This Barebones chopping axe is a cool-looking axe that is very versatile to use. The axe comes with a protective cover. The hatchet is specially designed for splitting your wood for under your outdoor stove. Check out Barebones' other great items, such as the cowboy pitenamel signsenamel mugs.

Maintenance Barebones Hatchet: 

To properly maintain the hatchet, it is important to apply a thin layer of protective oil after each use
The cut can be sharpened by using a medium grinding wheel or stone
The axe should be stored properly. It cannot withstand prolonged exposure to wet conditions, this can cause rust and other unnecessary wear and tear. Therefore, store your axe inside to make it last as long as possible and avoid having to buy a new one again
With proper care, the Barebones axe will last a lifetime!
Outdoor cooking & fires VUUR LAB. Barebones

Chic & Classic Cowboy Grill tools from Barebones

The tools are hand-forged stainless steel and finished in black

All Cowboy grill accessories from Barebones have a chic and classic look

The tools are hand-forged stainless steel and black finished this gives the products a beautiful and classic look.
The handles are made of smooth and natural walnut wood, this ensures a firm and fine grip.

The Cowboy grill tools are specially designed to hang from the cowboy grill system and use.

Outdoor cooking gets even easier with these cowboy grill tongs!

Cowboy Fire Pit Grill System

Barebones' versatile Cowboy Fire Pit grill system is a Must-have for the true outdoor cooking fan.
The design is multi functional, you can cook, grill, bake and light fires with it.
You can use it as a fire bowl, BBQ, and grill.

This Fire Pit Grill features a hanging bracket for your BBQ Barbones BBQ tools, pans and cooking utensils.


Product specifications Barebones Cowboy Fire Pit Grill

Weight: 20.4 kg
Bowl diameter: 74.2 cm Bowl height: 32.3 cm Thickness of scale: 2 mm Width of legs: 0.34 cm Height of legs: 56.4 cm Total height: 149 cm
Material: solid steel  

Also check out the beautiful and functional accessories from Barebones!

Maintenance Cowboy Fire Pit Grill

The Cowboy Fire Pit Grill is not meant to be left outside for long periods of time. Prolonged exposure to wet conditions can cause rust and unnecessary wear.
We recommend you store the products indoors after use to make them last as long as possible and avoid having to buy replacement parts.

Light up your garden, veranda or tent with Barebones Edison lamps

The Mini Edison lights are ideal because they are so light. You can easily take them anywhere. You can place or hang the lamps nice and easy thanks to the hook and base the lamp has. The sturdy steel makes the light shockproof and therefore ideal for outdoor use.

Product specifications Edison lamp:

Battery: 2xAA/LR06  
LED: 2W / warm white
Light colour: 3000K

Check out Barebones' other great items, such as the cowboy pit, enamel signs, enamel mugs.

Barebones is B-Corp certified

Its founder: Robert Workman, has spent his entire career looking for ways to give something back: from his first (philanthropic) venture, Tifie, a non-profit organisation that helped underprivileged people meet their basic needs, to Goal Zero, a company that provided solar energy to villages in Congo. Many of these projects set up and have been very successful.

In recent years, Robert has returned to his (agricultural) roots with starting Barebones; making products that help people connect with food, nature and fire. He himself is in harmony with nature and enjoys helping others do the same.

"When you do good from your heart, magic happens, and that goodness comes right back."
Barebones All in one Cast Iron Skillet trout

Cast Iron & Grills Collection

Relish The Flame

Barebones' Outdoor Cooking Collection is very comprehensive!
Discover beautiful and useful tools to make your outdoor cooking experience so beautiful and easy.

Make it extra cosy with our Barebones lamp

Good quality axes

Explore The Wild!

Barebones' knives, axes and tools are not only beautifully finished in walnut but also super nice to use!

Barebones Felling Axe

Chop Your Own Wood And It Will Warm You Twice!

Barebones Field Hatchet

Garden & Forage Collection

Nourish Deep Roots

Discover Barebones' extensive collection of garden tools!
Dive into the garden to enjoy gardening with the sustainable garden tools from this beautiful brand.
Among other things, you can choose from a Weeding Fork, Garden Scoop, Garden scissors and beautiful pruning shears.

Beautiful enamelled steel crockery and cookware from Barebones

Enamel Family

Only Barebones can make something like this: Beautifully enamelled steel tableware and cookware.
The steel bowls and pans make any table more beautiful: whether you're eating outside or bringing a little outdoors inside.

Each item from the Barebones tableware collection has a hand-finished copper rim, making them unique pieces that still form a whole together.

Drop by the Experience Centre in Schagen & discover the Barebones collection