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Celebrate What You Eat with Gin Mayo & Gin Chup

Celebrate What You Eat with Gin Mayo & Gin Chup

Gin Mayo: Zaanse Mayo and Bobby's Gin

GinMayo, who would have ever thought? You can do all kinds of things with this super tasty mayonnaise. Complete your BBQ party and put this super tasty one on the table and serve the sauce with your meat, vegetables and fish. Or how about a nice dollop of mayo on your chips or sweet potato!

The flavour is based on Zaanse mayo, which has been in demand for more than 55 years.
Infused with Bobby's Gin, a fine and well-balanced distilled Gin with eight herbal ingredients creates a welcoming flavour with a festive kick!

Gin Chup

The flavour of Gin Chup unfolds in three stages ...

  1. First, you experience the fresh tomato flavour of Gin Chup.
  2. From there, you taste the spicy spice mix, which refers to the botanical ingredients in the Bobby's Gin used.
  3. And finally, the 2% alcohol makes the flavour disappear nicely in your mouth.
Burgers with èn Gin mayo èn Gin ketchup

Complete your burger experience with a topping of Gin mayo ánd Gin chup on your burger.
Celebrate What You Eat!