Spicy spruitjes met herfstaardappels en vega maantjes! - Het Vuur LAB.
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Spicy Brussels sprouts with autumn potatoes and veggie moonshine!

Spicy Brussels sprouts with autumn potatoes and veggie moonshine!

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A tasty vegetable

Brussels sprouts: whether you love them or not, they are a vegetable that appears regularly on our dinner plates. The original name for Brussels sprouts is Brussels sprouts, but more popularly known as Brussels sprouts. It is a type of cabbage in which the axillary buds are eaten by us humans. A Brussels sprout is also really a winter vegetable and therefore great to prepare with some colder weather. Brussels sprouts are strength vegetables, they easily survive a severe frost with temperatures as low as -15 Celsius! Many people prefer to eat Brussels sprouts 'after the frost has passed over them', because of this the flavour is said to be better. In addition, Brussels sprouts are packed with vitamin C.

Ingredients of the spicy sprouts
Let's do some cooking

For this dish, you will need the following ingredients:

Red onions
One large, sweet potato
Vegetarian moon (or other (vegetarian) meat)
One red pepper
Fun autumn shapes
Baking tray + baking paper

After you have gathered all the ingredients and utensils, you can get started! Read on soon for the whole recipe.

A spicy autumn recipe

First, light the outdoor cooking stove. Gather some wood and, if necessary, use matches to light the wood. Let the fire stoke up a little. Meanwhile, cut the vegetables: remove the back of the Brussels sprouts, cut the onion into thin strips and the chilli into small pieces. We are going to cut the sweet potato a little differently than usual: we will first cut the sweet potato into slices á 2 cm. Then we take the autumn shapes and press them into the middle of the slice. So that's how you get a little shape out of your sweet potato! Next, we take a baking tray and put a piece of baking paper in it. Now place the sprouts, onion, sweet potato and veggie moons in the plate. The red pepper will come later!


Once the outdoor cooking stove is properly fired up, we can start cooking. Put on a BBQ glove, against the heat, and pour some olive oil on the griddle heated by the outdoor cooking stove. Let the oil heat up very briefly. Now put the sprouts on top and fry them well. Then add the onion, sweet potato shapes and veggie moons to the sprouts. Let it all fry thoroughly. Finally, add the red chilli pepper and some soy sauce and fry this for a while. When everything is ready, use the spatula to scoop the ingredients onto a plate. As a finishing touch, add a little Maple Bacon aioli to the dish for a full flavour. Bon appetit!

End result spicy sprouts

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