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Organise a primal winter barbecue in the garden!

Organise a primal winter barbecue in the garden!

Barbecuing in winter is very atmospheric

winter barbecue

Sinterklaas barbecue with Sinterklaas game

Have you already made plans for Saint Nicholas Eve? Make Christmas Eve extra special this year!

This year, organise a Sinterklaas barbecue for the whole family. Make the dark days extra cosy with a warm fire in the garden.

We always find it super fun to organise Christmas Eve together with the family and then enjoy the BBQ | Outdoor cooking stove lit!

Invite your family or friends over for a Sinterklaas barbecue and do a Sinterklaas game in the garden (don't forget to tell them to put on warm clothes, as the weather can obviously be inclement on 5 December).

Of course, it can be quite cold in winter. Fortunately, you can dress for this. Tell your guests what your plans are and ask them to bring a nice warm jumper, fleece vest, jacket, hat and scarf.

Beforehand, you can agree to play a Sinterklaas game.
Everyone then buys a few small gifts and wraps it nicely.

Winter barbecue OFYR

Tasty hot drinks from the witches' cauldron

Put a tripod set with witch-kettle ready in the garden and heat up a nice drink!

Welcome your guests with a steaming mug of hot chocolate with a dollop of whipped cream and the party can begin!
You can also opt for Mulled wine or Jägertee.

Good preparation is half the battle

Prepare in advance easy dishes that are accessible to everyone. Choose small winter dishes appropriate to the season, to be enjoyed throughout the evening.

Make sure you have enough clean firewood such as beech or birch so that you have enough fuel throughout the evening.

Insert the OFYR outdoor kitchen well in advance so that you have a nice big fire and the plancha has plenty of heat to cook the tastiest meal/bites on. Around the fire of the OFYR there is an opportunity to relax, and enjoy a healthy and delicious winter meal

For smaller guests, you can also use the BBQ | Outdoor cooking stove lit so the kids can prepare their own treats.
The children can grill their own sausages over the fire on a skewer and fry mini burgers on the griddle.
And for dessert, of course, they can roast marshmallows.

Make it extra cosy in the garden

Make it extra cosy in the garden this winter and enjoy together with the whole family outside under the canopy or on the veranda.
Hang some cosy light strings or get the Christmas lights out of the attic already.

Rain or shine, with a canopy you will enjoy your outdoor space every season. Add cushions, rugs and lamps to create the real living room feeling. Bringing the inside out transforms an evening with family and friends
to a completely new outdoor experience.

Warm tough outdoor rugs and warm sheepskins complete the look. Light some pretty outdoor candles and the party can begin!

winter barbecue mushroom

Use seasonal ingredients in autumn and winter

In autumn and winter, therefore, use seasonal ingredients such as pumpkin and stew for the most delicious
dishes. With a Casserole Set it is easy to put a new twist on the standard stew or stew.

Winter wonderland pizzas

In winter, your pizza tastes extra good if you eat it outside!
Make a nice fire in the outdoor cooking stove and light your Ooni pizza oven.

Winter Superfood topping
Choose healthy and colourful Superfood toppings such as pumpkin, kale and red onion with a soft goat cheese on top.