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The true epicurean chooses OFYR!

The true epicurean chooses OFYR!

Are you passionate about Outdoor Cooking?
Invite all your friends and family members to your graduation party

Are you an outdoor cooking enthusiast and enjoy preparing tasty barbecue dishes?

Then discover the endless possibilities of the OFYR outdoor kitchen now.

You can expand the OFYR outdoor kitchen with various grilling and cooking accessories such as a pizza oven module, a grill set and a rotisserie set. OFYR's collection is very diverse!

Ultimate accessories for baking, cooking and steaming with the OFYR 

OFYR has an extensive range of accessories! Below is a selection from the OFYR range:
Pizza oven, rotisserie, cedar smoking boards, knife and fork set, oil jug, luxury leather barbecue aprons, fine spatulas, luxury heat-resistant gloves, mise-en-place tables, convenient food bumper, deaf lid or protective cover.

Protect yourself

The OFYR Fire guard ring has been in a 'new look' since this year, the beautiful ring is made of teak wood and is easy to detach from the OFYR so you can store it back in the shed with ease after outdoor cooking.

The OFYR pizza oven is also a super nice extension for the OFYR outdoor kitchen

Your favourite Italian will miss you, because from now on you will bake the tastiest pizzas yourself in the OFYR Pizza oven!


On the OFYR you can also grill really well on a plank
Baking pizzas with the OFYR Pizza oven

With the OFYR pizza oven, you can prepare delicious pizzas in your own garden!

This super popular and unique pizza oven lends itself to many occasions. You can organise a pizza night for the whole family or just bake pizza on a night when you feel like a fresh crispy pizza.

How do you use the OFYR pizza oven?

Place the pizza oven over the fire of your OFYR. The pizza oven consists of a double-sided cast-iron plate, a pizza stone and steel bell jar. By placing the 2 bellows over the cast-iron plate with pizza stone, you create a real oven.

In addition, heat is distributed through the openings in the cast-iron plate and circulates in the bell jar. This ensures that the pizza is heated evenly and quickly everywhere. When you slide the two bellows on top of each other, you can determine the size of the openings between the inner and outer bellows.

Would you like more heat formation? Then choose to make the opening bigger, which will ensure more air circulation. The more heat formation the faster you can start cooking your delicious homemade pizzas!

Much more than just pizza

You can make lasagne & casseroles while enjoying the smell of the oven.

TIP: if you don't make pizza in this OFYR pizza oven, it is advisable to use bottom of the grill plate, as it is ridged and not as smooth as the top you make the pizzas on.

Spatula stainless steel OFYR
Protect yourself 

The OFYR Fire guard ring is a great addition to your OFYR set.

The attractive Fire Guard Ring prevents accidental touching of the OFYR's hot hob. In addition, the 12.5 cm wide teak ring can serve as a table for small dishes.

The OFYR Fire Guard Ring is easy to mount on the plate. After outdoor cooking, you remove the Fire guard ring with ease. Then store it in a dry place, e.g. in the shed.

Order your new OFYR outdoor kitchen at he VUUR LAB.