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Delicious Christmas pancakes

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Fancy a winter BBQ? Then be sure to make these delicious Christmas pancakes

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What do you need for these delicious Christmas pancakes from the BBQ Outdoor cooking stove?

(for 4 persons)

Pancake mix or ready-made pancakes (e.g. JAN)
Icing sugar
Forms of poinsettias and Christmas trees (e.g. from Blokker)


Christmas Pancakes
Light the BBQ Outdoor cooking stove, this time we used wood to cook with
Follow pancake mix instructions or use ready-made pancakes
When the pancakes are ready put the shapes on the pancakes and turn them into stars or trees
Place all your pancakes on the griddle
Bake until the pancakes are nicely browned
Finally, you can decorate your pancakes with sprinkles or some strawberries Enjoy your meal!