Creëer jouw eigen tijdelijke ecosysteem met een local habitat - Het Vuur LAB.
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Create your own temporary ecosystem with a local habitat

Create your own temporary ecosystem with a local habitat

Explore the world around you with Local habitat Weltevree

With this beautiful glass vase, you can temporarily create your own ecosystem.
Explore the world around you and collect beautiful things this you can admire in this vase.

The large bubbles on the sides of the Local Habitat have a magnifying effect, making it even easier to observe insects and other animals.

What all do you see through the magnifying glass in the Local Habitat?

Sit next to the pond and bring a small landing net and a bucket.
Peek into the water and along the sides to see what beautiful things live there. Of course you are not supposed to break things from nature, treat them with respect.
Ask if your father or mother would like to explore with you and enjoy a nice adventure in the outdoors together.