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Ginger Beer Swedish Tonic

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Swedish Tonic Ginger Beer
Ginger Beer Swedish Tonic
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Swedish Tonic Ginger Beer Wine Spritz

Ginger Beer Swedish Tonic

Brand: Swedish Tonic

Swedish Tonic Ginger Beer is made from a tradition stemming from the industrial revolution. Made from a natural bacterial culture of both dried and fresh ginger gives the product a genuine and original flavour. To be used as a mixer and/or non-alcoholic drink. read more

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Delicious and refreshing ecological Gingerbeer from Swedish tonic!

This unique ecological Ginger Beer from Swedish Tonic is made with natural ingredients and contains strong flavours of organic ginger & chilli.

Drink it straight from the bottle or turn it into an infamous Moscow Mule cocktail!

Order your Ginger Beer from Swedisch Tonic at the VUUR LAB.


200 ml