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About the Weltevree collection

Weltevree is a producer of contemporary sustainable products that aim to activate you and your environment.
The Weltevree team develops inventive products in collaboration with the best designers and inventors,
both with established names and emerging talent.

At Weltevree, they believe in the experiences you can have in your immediate environment.
Their mission is to contribute to a more conscious, social and happy life by creating products that encourage you to explore the environment and use it in new ways.

Weltevree products require interaction and only really come to life when in use.

Experiences are your most valuable asset

Every Weltevree product is made to support these experiences all year round. Designed with sustainability as a key focus, the products are made from honest materials that last for years. A transparent production process and experienced partners are an integral part of how we work.

Shop Weltevree's Dutch Design Collection at VUUR LAB.

Weltevree has beautiful garden furniture, the already legendary Outdoor oven, swings, beautiful mobile garden benches, exclusive mouth-blown outdoor lighting and cool accessories.

Weltevree makes products that answer almost forgotten needs: seeking adventure in your backyard with fire, water, warmth, and being outdoors.

The entire Weltevree Collection is available at The VUUR LAB. Make an appointment and visit the Experience Centre in Schagen.