Tover je veranda om tot een gezellige Winter Lodge - Het Vuur LAB.
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Transform your veranda into a cosy Winter Lodge

Transform your veranda into a cosy Winter Lodge

Create a nice place where you can chill comfortably by a cosy fire

The winter season is here, time to make it extra cosy on the veranda or under the canopy. Listen to your favourite podcast, play a nice piece of music on the guitar, or challenge your housemate to a game of chess, start a fire with the VUUR LAB. outdoor cooking stove, cook outside and enjoy!

We like to make this easy and warming autumn recipe, read on soon....

Relax and enjoy!

Free up a few hours in your diary every week to recharge and relax on your own veranda or under the canopy over a delicious drink. Surely this is ultimate enjoyment.

Always running and rushing, you'll pass yourself by!
Schedule ME-TIME from time to time.
You don't necessarily have to book a cabin on the heath to do so, create a nice Winter Lodge in your own garden in no time. The days are getting shorter and colder, despite which it is nice to be outside for a long time. Light the outdoor stove on, and a few atmospheric outdoor tinned candles.

Treat yourself to a nice field chair including a thick sheepskin coat

Listen to Winter Lodge Playlist on Spotify

With this delicious playlist on the VUUR LAB. Spotify channel, you can dream away on a warm sheepskin while enjoying a snack and a drink. Or read a lovely book with some background music. We have created a nice music mix with jazzy and dreamy sounds.


P.S. Do you have a great song you want to add to this list?
Let us know at

Autumn recipe with grilled pumpkin, red onion and warming Ayurvedic spices

Make this tasty autumn recipe with pumpkin, red onion and warming Ayurvedic spices.

What do you need?

1 Organic pumpkin
2 red onions
Cutting board
1 teaspoon Ras-el-hanout spices
1 teaspoon turmeric
And a splash of Betis olive oil
To taste: Roasted salt of India From The Man With the pan
Wood for stoking the stove

How to make the recipe with Grilled pumpkin, red onion and warming Ayurvedic spices.

Wash the pumpkin well, usually there is still some clay soil on it :) and cut the pumpkin into rough pieces. Use a sharp knife, be careful not to hurt yourself when carving as the pumpkin is usually quite hard and not so easy to carve.
Peel and chop the red onions.
Light the outdoor cooking stove and let the wood char for a while, this usually takes around 20 minutes, after this you can put a small wood on it every now and then, keep a close eye on the fire.
Drizzle the griddle with the olive oil (we pour it from an oil pan). Let the oil warm up for a while first and then place the squash on the griddle, fry for a minute or two and add the Ayurvedic spices, spoon everything well through the squash.
After this, add the red onion and fry the onions nicely.
Cook for 5 minutes and voilà your delicious autumn squash is ready!
Serve with a salad, if desired. Enjoy your meal!