Kaasfondue in blik op de VUUR LAB. Outdoor Cooking Stove - Het Vuur LAB.
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Discover all flavours of cheese fondue from the VUUR LAB.

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Our artisanal canned cheese fondue contains no preservatives

Do you also love good food and conviviality? Then cheese fondue is a good idea!
You can prepare the canned cheese fondue very easily on the VUUR LAB. Outdoor Cooking Stove.

The cheese fondue is delicious with fresh baguette, fried mushrooms, pieces of sweet pointed pepper or small meatballs, for example. All flavours of cheese fondue are mega delicious. In this blog, we have listed some tasty Dips for you.

Enjoy outdoor cooking together and delicious freshly prepared food with the outdoor stove of the VUUR LAB.

What do you need for a cheese fondue party?
Tasty dippers such as: meatballs, fresh baguette, peppers, sautéed mushrooms, carrots, pieces of cucumber etc.
Wood or (coconut) briquettes to fire the cooking stove
grill with cheese fondue