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Easy and incredibly delicious!

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This cocktail is very easy to prepare even without professional utensils!

Cocktails: festive to make and drink. Whether you are organising a party, enjoying an evening on the couch or just fancy something tasty, try making our Dark 'n Stormy! Prepared with the tastiest Ginger Beer flavour of Swedish Tonic. It takes no more than 10 minutes to prepare. Curious about the entire recipe? Then read on soon!


Step by step

First, we start with the preparations. We cut a lime in half: 1 we use for the juice and 1 we use for the garnish. Next, measure out 40 ml of dark rum. Put down the glass and fill it with ice cubes (not too much, or it will overflow). Now squeeze half the lime over the glass. Every glass is different, of course, so you need to check at home exactly how much of the Swedish Tonic will fit in your glass, but in our case it was 1 whole bottle. Next, stir the lime juice and Swedish Tonic together with a spoon. When this is done you can add the 40 ml of dark rum. Make a small notch in the remaining part of the lime and place it on the glass as a garnish. Voila!

What do you need for a this Dark 'n Stormy?
A glass
A thin spoon
A utensil to measure 40 ml in (a good estimate counts too)
One lime
Dark rum
Ice cubes
Swedish Tonic Ginger Beer