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Make the tastiest Vega(n) burgers yourself

Welcome to the Burger page! We are always looking for tasty recipes.
Do you have a burger recipe? And would you like to share it with us?
Send us a email and we put it online.

Bake the tastiest Vega(n) autumn burgers outside on the griddle yourself

Hmmm! These burgers from SOTO are really tasty!
Deze burgers met gin mayo zijn:
100% Vegan
Very easy to make
Packed with flavour

Check out the recipe in this blog and enjoy outdoor cooking together and delicious freshly prepared food with the VUUR LAB. outdoor cooking stove

What do you need?
Cashew zwarte noten burger(s)
Rode uien
Rode bieten
Gin Mayo (vegan of normale versie)
Hamburger bollen
Cashewnoten (gezouten)
GinMayo Vegan Edition on black bean burger