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Duo Gimber N°2 BRUT 500 ml

Duo Gimber N°2 BRUT 500 ml

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duo Gimber N°2 BRUT 500 ml
Cheers! Lovely bubbling in the Tub with a healthy mocktail
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Duo Gimber N°2 BRUT 500 ml

Brand: Gimber


Twee flessen voor € 44,99

Gimber is lekker pittig!
The new ginger concentrate with 50% less sugar...and yet, everything you expect from GIMBER: a refreshing pick-me-up with the original spicy character.Serving tip
Mix 20-30 ml of GIMBER with fresh sparkling water or pure as you like it.
About 20 glasses.

Frequently asked questions about N°2 BRUT Why the name BRUT?
On reading brut you might think of a glass of champagne during those pre-GIMBER times. Here, BRUT stands for a pure natural, alcohol-free ginger concentrate but with 50% less sugar. Because for some, life can always be celebrated with less sugar!What is Yuzu?
A superfruit, yuzu is also the flavour of the year. Oh so popular thanks to its concentration of vitamin C and antioxidants. Its flavour is as sweet as it is floral and tangy. A favourite with flavour lovers, chefs and bartenders because of its subtle woody notes and coconut flavour.Who is BRUT for?
All those watching their sugar intake as part of a diet, health concerns or a healthier lifestyle. But also all GIMBER fans of the first hour, who can now choose between two versions of their favourite non-alcoholic ginger concentrate. read more

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Product information

Twee flessen Gimber N°2 BRUT 500 ml voor € 42,99

Make the tastiest Mocktails or Cocktails with Gimber Brut N°2

Pour yourself a delicious glass of Gimber N°2 and enjoy a healthy shot!
We love Mocktails and healthy cocktails immensely :)
Especially now that the sun is shining more often, it is wonderfully refreshing to have a non-alcoholic drink.
Pak je mooiste glazen, ijsblokjes, vers sinaasappelsap en schenk de Gimber BRUT N°2 erbij, gezondheid!

Ingredients Gimber Brut N°2

Concentrate of organic ginger
High-quality botanicals
Lemon thyme

Average nutritional values per 30ml Gimber Brut N°2

Energie 94,7 KJ / 22,6 KcalVet<0,07 gWaarvan verzadigd<0,10 gKoolhydraten 5,64 g
Waarvan suikers 5,22 gProteïne 0,20 gZout < 0,008 g

Delicious healthy non-alcoholic drink to pour while barbecuing and/or cooking outdoors.
You can also use GIMBER in your wok dishes and marinades!



Two bottles of Gimber N°2 BRUT 500 ml