Oergezellige Pyro Culinaire avonturen in de tuin - Het Vuur LAB.
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Primal Pyro Culinary adventures in the garden

Primal Pyro Culinary adventures in the garden

Let's go Outside!

Take your BBQ Skills to the next level and enjoy the most fun Pyro Culinary fire adventures in the garden this summer.

Cooking outdoors on real fire is the most fun there is!
You can enjoy outdoor cooking and barbecuing in various ways, there are many different types of barbecues and outdoor kitchens on the market. Big, small, coal-fired, gas, wood-fired and electric. At the VUUR LAB., the wood-fired variety makes our hearts beat faster! Whichever BBQ you choose, enjoy delicious food this summer, relaxed in your own garden.

Pyro Culinary enjoyment with the OFYR outdoor kitchen
It's time to give in to your fiery BBQ cravings

Summer temperatures are running higher every week, is your BBQ ready to get started yet!

Sizzling Smoky Summer Vibes

The sweltering summer evenings are coming again.

Experience the most fun evenings this season and enjoy beautiful BBQ dishes.
Want something a little different? Then prepare your fish, meat or veggies on a cedar wooden board!

Summer Spicy prawn skewers

Go to your favourite fishmonger and get a bag or box of prawns for the company you will be cooking for.

Put the prawns in a bowl and marinate them with some oil, soy sauce, a sliced red chilli and curry powder.
Thread them on a nice fishbone BBQ skewer and grill them over the yellow coals or on the plancha.

Enjoy your meal!

Graduated? Time for a BBQ Party!
On hot coconut briquettes

The OFYR Tabl'O is a beautiful table grill on which you can prepare the most delicious culinary dishes.

The Tabl'O is also great for use on the terrace of a flat.

What will you prepare with this OFYR Table Grill?

Surprise your guests with summer dishes prepared over real fire

If you want to be able to barbecue right away at the first rays of sunshine, make sure you always have these Musthaves in the house!

Grill your vegetables on the grill rack
Celebrate a VEGA BBQ Cheese Fondue party with the Canned Cheese Fondue

Not everyone likes meat and fish, we have a delicious culinary tip for that!

Choose from three delicious cheese fondues to give your vegetarian guests a culinary BBQ experience.
Grill the tastiest veggies on the grill and dip them in the cheese fondue.
You can heat the tin directly on the stove or serve in a pan

Enjoy a cosy cheese fondue evening this summer