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Kamado ceramic charcoal BBQ

Kamado ceramic charcoal BBQ

De beste Kamado shop je bij het VUUR LAB.

Want to buy a kamado BBQ and want more information in advance? 

What is a Kamado and what can you do with it?

A Kamado is a very recognisable type of BBQ.

The kamado is a charcoal bbq made of ceramic. Because the kamado is well insulated, it can handle both high and low temperatures. This makes the Kamado BBQ very versatile.

The kamado is suitable for baking, grilling, smoking, Slow Cooking, roasting and steaming.

Delicious culinary cooking with the Kamado

Of course, the Kamado is not made just for frying burgers! In no time at all, you can take your Barbecue skills to the next level and thus smoke your own salmon on a cedar wooden smoking board. And make the crispiest pizzas with the Kamado.

Outside, everything tastes better!
Invite your best friends over and enjoy delicious food prepared outdoors together. Everything really does taste better outdoors. Especially with a special beer there.

What will you prepare with the Kamado BBQ?

With the Kamado BBQ, you can make lots of tasty grill dishes!
You can also stew, make pizza and roast with a cast-iron Skillet or grill pan.

There are now many cookbooks on the market by Jord Althuizen and others. In these books, you can find all kinds of delicious dishes you can prepare with the Kamado.

What is the history of the Kamado BBQ?

The history of the Kamado BBQ is incredibly long.
Specimens more than 3,000 years old have been found!
The first Kamados were developed in China and then introduced in Korea. From there, they made their way to Japan about 1,700 years ago.

The classic Kamado BBQ is a round, charcoal-fired clay pot, with a removable dome-shaped lid. The Japanese called this a ''Kamado', which literally means 'Fireplace' or 'oven'. In Japan, the Kamado was equipped with an inner pot for cooking rice, a 'mushi kamado'.
A grill was later added to this Mushi Kamado.

This evolved variant of the kamado is the forerunner of what eventually came to be known in the West as a kamado barbecue. American soldiers stationed in Japan after World War II came across the kamado there. On their return to the United States, they took a Kamado with them, so this method of cooking also gained popularity in the United States. Americans adapted Kamado barbecues to their own cooking habits. Modern Kamado barbecues have retained the age-old model, but have been greatly improved with the knowledge, materials and production methods of our time.

Lighting Kamado and keeping it at temperature?

How do you light the Kamado?

Lighting your Kamado and then keeping it at the right temperature is actually not difficult at all.
Follow the steps below to light your kamado, whatever you are going to make, at whatever temperature, hot & fast or low & slow.
After the 'basic steps', you determine the further setup (direct or indirect) of the kamado and the final desired temperature.


Fully open the lower air slider and the lid.
Vul je Kamado voor ongeveer de helft met houtskool. Zit er een mandje voor houtskool in jouw kamado? Vul het mandje dan tot boven de rand. Maak een diepe kuil in het houtskool, dit doe je door de grovere stukken houtskool aan de kanten te leggen.
Draai 2-3 wokkels uit elkaar en verspreid deze wokkels in de kuil
Bouw met de grote stukken houtskool vervolgens een 'luchtige piramide over de kuil. Dit kun je doen door bijvoorbeeld 1 stuk houtskool als steun te gebruiken en vervolgens leg je daar het houtskool overheen. Belangrijk is om de kamado zeer 'luchtig' te houden, wanneer je dit niet doet krijg je veel rookontwikkeling omdat de aanmaak wokkels niet voldoende zuurstof krijgen.
Steek de aanmaak wokkels aan, het is de bedoeling dat de vlam uit de wokkel door de houtskool heen gaat en zo lekker veel houtskool aanzet. Leg je aanmaakwokkels of ander aanmaakmateriaal bovenop het houtskool gaat al die energie verloren, nu gebruik je de energie om zoveel mogelijk houtskool aan te krijgen.-Laat ongeveer 7-8 minuten branden met het deksel open tot de aanmaak wokkels zijn opgebrand.
Doe vervolgens het deksel van je kamado dicht met de bovenste luchtschuif volledig open. Door de hitte die je hebt gecreëerd wordt langs de onderste schuif verse zuurstof aangezogen waardoor de temperatuur snel verder oploopt. Een minuut of 8 later zit je als het goed is op 200 gr.,hierna bepaal je de verdere set up van je Kamado Right now, the air in the kamado is 200 degrees, but the ceramic is not yet 200 degrees! Heating this up will take some time. So you can continue building the kamado to the setup you need for a BBQ dish

Have lots of outdoor cooking fun with your Kamado! 

What are the advantages of the ceramic Kamado BBQ?

One of the advantages of the Kamado BBQ is, that even with the most extreme weather conditions, you can barbecue with the Kamado!

Weather does not affect the internal temperature of the Kamado
A ceramic Kamado BBQ excels at eliminating unwanted food influence. You can cook outdoors in all weathers.

365 days a year outdoor cooking
De Kamado barbecue kun je in alle seizoenen gebruiken.

Ceramic does not give off any flavour
It is also good to know that ceramics do not impart flavour to your dishes.

Little ash 
The ceramic Kamado BBQ is charcoal-fired, which produces little ash.

The Kamado BBQ is durable in use

A ceramic Kamado BBQ is very durable! That goes for both the material and fuel consumption. Because the Kamado barbecue retains and reflects heat well, it needs little charcoal and oxygen. As a result, less ventilation is needed than with other barbecues.

Moisture evaporating from meat, for example, is therefore less likely to be lost. With more outflow of air, the meat dries out. Whereas meat loses 30 per cent or more of its weight in moisture on other barbecues, this is limited to less than 20 per cent on a ceramic Kamado BBQ.

Once your kamado is at the desired temperature, nothing stands in the way of a super fun BBQ evening.

Accessories for the Kamado BBQ

At the VUUR LAB., we have several accessories you can use with the Kamado BBQ.
De BBQ ventilator, een pizza steen. een kolenstarter, onze smoking boards of bijvoorbeeld een handige BBQ accessoire set.

How does a ceramic Kamado BBQ work?

Zowel de vorm als de gebruikte materialen van de Kamado BBQ, zorgen voor een optimale luchtcirculatie en weerkaatsing van de hitte richting het grillrooster, waardoor het eten gelijkmatig gaart.

With the ventilation door and flap, you can regulate the temperature to the degree, after which you can easily hold it for a long time.

Because you can control the temperature range well, you can use a lot of cooking methods with the Kamado BBQ!

Grilling, roasting, baking, stewing and smoking. Or even make pizza :-)
With the Kamado BBQ, you can basically make anything you want.

What will you prepare with the Kamado BBQ?

Discover our tastemakers

If you get started with the Kamado, then of course you need tasty spices and related items plus seasonings!

You can come to us for the tastiest Dry Rubs, sauces, special beers, Red Cedar smoking boards, Rivsalt and aioli.