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Cheese fondue in summer is a treat

Cheese fondue in summer is a treat

Taste these artisanal cheese fondues 

Hosting a tasty cheese fondue night during the summer months is a treat! Serve crispy dippers with homemade bread and enjoy a culinary evening! The canned cheese fondue can also be used on the barbecue, so take it with you when you travel and enjoy delicious and easy food during your holidays.

Our artisan cheese fondue contains only natural ingredients and is therefore free of additives and preservatives. Discover all flavours of cheese fondue and order online with ease.

That's going to be some serious tasting! Actually, the cheese fondues from Kaasfondue are all equally delicious. So taste them all and order the cheese fondue tasting containing a tin of truffle cheese fondue, Dutch cheese fondue and the blue vein cheese fondue.

Which flavour of cheese fondue is your favourite?

Delicious cheese fondue on the BBQ

Which wine tastes good with cheese fondue?

Cheese fondue and wine, that's obviously a match made in heaven!

Which wine do you prefer to drink with cheese fondue?

Red or white? It can be both!

Sauviginon Blanc, Chardonnay, Chablis.

Syrah and Pinot Noir.

What wine do you drink with cheese fondue?

What are your favourite cheese fondue dippers?

In summer, you can vary endlessly with the tastiest cheese fondue dips!

Just experiment with how delicious a piece of apple and, say, nut bread can be for your cheese fondue dip.
Or dip with red fruits like blackberries and strawberries in your cheese fondue.

Do you also want meat during your cheese fondue dipping? Then opt for home-made beef meatballs too. Simple can be so delicious.

Preparing tinned cheese fondue is very easy

Preparing canned cheese fondue

You can heat our cheese fondue au bain-marie, as well as in a traditional fondue pan or a saucepan.

This is how you prepare our cheese fondue au bain-marie:
1. Remove the label and place the tin unopened in a pan of hot water. The water comes to three centimetres below the rim of the can.2. Bring the water to a boil. After 15 minutes, carefully open the can. Keep stirring gently and cook the fondue for another 15 minutes.3. Eat deliciously from the tin or pour the contents into a clean pan or bowl.

Canned cheese fondue on the barbecue?
Put the can cheese fondue Open about 20 minutes on the side of the grill, heating through the tin while stirring.


French blue vein cheese fondue

Do you like a spicy cheese? Then try this French Blue vein cheese fondue. We love this delicious cheese fondue!

Dipping tips Blue vein cheese fondue

Serve with pear pieces and chicory sprouts!